Tucson Police Officer Danny Leon Takes Down Violent Gunman [VIDEO]

WARNING: The video below contains graphic images that may not be suitable for all audiences

Tucson Police Officer Danny Leon is identified as the officer who took down the gunman responsible for killing one and injuring several others. Police identified the shooter as 35-year-old Leslie Stephen Scarlett.

Wild bodycam footage shows Officer Leon staying calm under pressure as he is hit in the driver’s side door by Scarlett in his grey SUV. After Officer Leon’s car was hit and he exited his vehicle, Scarlett opened fire.

Shortly after, Officer Leon returned fired, announcing on his radio, “five shots fired, suspect down.” When backup arrived on the scene, Leon’s bodycam footage shows him cuffing Scarlett and immediately rendering first aid.

In a statement released by Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus, the police reported that the shooting happened near the Quincie Douglas Community Center on 36th Street.

Scarlett allegedly walked up to two EMTs, who were staged in the parking lot of Silverlake Park responding to a house fire on E. Irene Vista and distracted them. While the EMTs weren’t looking, the gunman allegedly “discharged his firearm multiple times striking both EMTs.”

One of the EMTs described the suspect, later identified as Scarlett, and his grey SUV. A Tucson Fire Department Captain was reportedly hit in the arm by the Scarlett as he fired multiple rounds attempting to flee the scene.

The report states that “at approximately 3:58 p.m., Officer Danny Leon, an 8-year-veteran of the Tucson Police Department, was driving southbound on S. Campbell Avenue to assist with the incident.” Scarlett then reportedly rammed Officer Leon’s driver’s side door bringing both vehicles to a stop. Scarlett exited his vehicle and began shooting at Officer Leon. Officer Leon returned fire, hitting Scarlett.

The police say that part of their investigation revealed a neighbor, Cory Saunders, saw the house on fire and attempted to find out if anyone was still inside the house when Scarlett approached him, and the two argued. Scarlett reportedly shot and killed Saunders. Chief Magnus reported that Saunders’ 11-year-old son witnessed the shooting.

Both EMTs, The Tucson Fire Captain and Scarlett, were transported to Banner University Medical Center for medical care. According to the report, the driver EMT and Scarlett are being treated for life-threatening injuries. The Captain was released after sustaining minor injuries, and the passenger EMT, who was able to radio for backup, is being treated for serious injuries.

Charges against Scarlett are pending.

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero tweeted, “I ask our entire Tucson community to join me in thinking about and praying for the victims of this afternoon’s fire and shooting by Silverlake Park, including first responders from AMR and the Tucson Fire Department.”

Mayor Romero called the incident “a horrific and senseless act of violence.” She said Tucson Police Chief Magnus and Tucson Fire Chief Ryan have her “full support with anything they need.”

“Thank you to the men and women at Tucson Police Department and Tucson Fire Department and all of the first responders and neighbors who courageously responded to the scene, knowingly putting themselves in danger,” Mayor Romero wrote.


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