Tulsi Gabbard Slams Kamala Harris for Saying the ‘Border is Secure’

Former Democrat Representative Tusli Gabbard of Hawaii slammed Vice President Harris over her recent comments about the border. On Saturday, Gabbard tweeted, “Kamala Harris’ statement that ‘we have a secure border’ is further evidence that she’s either completely disconnected from reality or she’s blatantly lying. Either way, she has no business being a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

Gabbard’s tweet Follows reports from Customs and Border Protection that 199,000 aliens had been met at the border in July alone. There have been more than 1.9 million crossings since last October, up from the 1.7 million that crossed between October 2020 and September 2021.

During an interview last Sunday, Harris aired her assertions on the border’s purported security. When asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd, “We’re going to have 2 million people cross this border for the first time ever. You’re confident this border’s secure? Harris replied, “We have a secure border in that that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration. But there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix given the deterioration that happened over the last four years.”

On Saturday, a busload of immigrants from Venezuela and Nicaragua arrived in Washington from Texas and was dropped off in front of the vice presidential residence, which followed the arrival of 101 immigrants on Thursday.


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