Twitter: Assassination Threat Against Conservative Does not Violate Our Policies

With Elon Musk looming on the near horizon with his takeover bid that’s causing leftists at Twitter to wail and gnash their teeth, you’d think the company would be more self-aware or, at least, less impudent.

The public is well aware of Twitter’s suspension of respected physicians posting sane medical opinions on medical issues. And of their banning from their site a sitting U.S. President. But the hypocrisy continues apace., reported on a Libs of TikTok tweet, “Apparently threatening to assassinate someone doesn’t violate Twitter’s policies. But conservatives get suspended for stating biological facts.” The tweet targeting Libs of TikTok read: “ASSASSINATION MODE ACTIVATED ACTIVATION WORD: LIBS OF TIKTOK:… RAICHIK BEGIN OPERATION.”

And if the vile intent of the tweet was in doubt, the image of a man holding and loading a rifle accompanies the tweet.

In response to a report made by Libs of TikTok, Twitter replied, “Thanks for reaching out. We’ve reviewed the content, and didn’t find a violation of our policies, so no action will be taken at this time.”

This follows Taylor Lorenz’s Washington Post article exposing Libs of TikTok owner’s identity, “which had initially included sensitive information regarding Libs of TikTok’s private work details and address.” The Post later deleted the link, commenting “they didn’t ‘publish or link to any details about her [Libs of TikTok owner Chaya Raichik] personal life.”

However, in exposing and doxxing Raichik, Lorenz, who’d cried during an interview about being harassed by “mean tweets,” reportedly showed up at a Raichik relative’s home. It happened during her attempt to “out” Raichik, who’d attempted to remain anonymous for security reasons.

In essence, Lorenz seems to have done precisely what she publicly complained people had done to her. It appears empathy was not a byproduct of her “terrifying” experiences.

The collateral damage of Lorenz’s hate campaign goes further than Raichik’s family. The New York Post reports a woman with the same name as the Libs of TikTok owner, Chaya Raichik, says she’s being “cyberbullied” because of the coincidence.

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