Twitter Censors Army Vet Sam Brown’s Patriotic Tweet As “Sensitive Content”

Twitter has recently decided to red-flag a 4th of July video posted by Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient, Captain Sam Brown, saluting the United States flag in honor of those who sacrificed so much for our country.

The image showed the Afghanistan war veteran, Captain Brown, saluting the American flag. Captain Brown courageously served in the Army during the Afghanistan War and suffered severe injuries to his facial area. Brown’s patriotic picture instantly became a viral post throughout the 4th of July weekend, reaching 2.5 million views in just a few days.

“On July 4, 1776, America was born. On July 4, 2021, we’re still the best country on this planet,” Brown wrote.

However, before the photo could gain any more traction, Twitter decided to flag the post with a “sensitive content” cover without providing Captain Brown with an explanation.

He appeared on Fox Business Network to express his outrage at Twitter for censoring his content for no apparent reason.

“It could be that they thought that my scars were somewhat offensive and needed to be sheltered from people. It could also be that they found the fact that a soldier saluting the flag to be offensive. Or worse yet, this censorship came literally hours after filed to be a Republican candidate in the U.S. Senate race here in Nevada, ” he said.

Brown took a screenshot of the warning label and slammed the social media monopoly.

“Hey @Twitter, I didn’t realize my face was ‘sensitive content,'” Brown tweeted Wednesday night. “Ironic considering I only have 3 tweets & just filed to run for U.S. Senate only hours ago.”

“Was it my scars or the fact that I salute the flag? Regardless, neither are going away – and neither am I,” he added.

This is just the most recent form of censorship that conservatives have had to deal with in recent years. Prominent conservative voices, including former President Donald Trump, Roger Stone, and James O’Keefe, have all been banned from using Twitter.

Brown explained that the recent actions taken by big tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have inspired him to run for elected office in 2024.

“Look, this is getting to the point of why I’m running. The political class, the political elites in this country have betrayed the American people. They’ve abandoned our values. And I’m running to represent the values of real Americans. Those of us, who are left behind and had the policies and the regulations forced down our throats.”

Twitter’s grossly unnecessary reaction to Mr. Brown’s post proves that platforms like Twitter do not share American values and should not be promoted as such. The days of a free and open dialogue on social media seem to be unfortunately over, due to the totalitarian policies enforced by big-tech corporations. Former U.S. President Donald Trump has recently filed a lawsuit against tech giants Google, Twitter, and Facebook in hopes that conservatives will once again have a platform for discussion.


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