Two Brave Parents Stand Up Against The Teachings Of BLM At School Board Meeting

On May 25th, 2021, a Lakeville Area School’s Board of Education Meeting was recorded at the ISD 194 District Offices in Lakeville, Minnesota. Alpha News put a portion of the meeting on YouTube. A man and his wife gave a presentation, which provides a blueprint for other parents to follow when addressing their own school boards. With his wife’s assistance, Jim Bean III, smiling and displaying placards, said in three minutes, eloquently, what no leftist school board member could say in three hours.

While anger and frustration are understandable when dealing with today’s woke school boards, an Alpha News video showed this couple’s approach was nothing less than sublime. The couple’s presentation was thoughtful, respectful, and kind. The man’s delivery was direct but measured and devoid of anger. He exuded optimism and authority because his belief in what he was saying was so genuine.

Bean said, “We’re here today to represent the millions of black Americans who disagree with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.” His wife held up a handmade sign, “Stop teaching Hate! Start teaching love!”

Bean told the board if you asked most people if they’ve been to the BLM website, most would probably say, “no.” So, he held up posters he’d made displaying what they found offensive on the website.

Opposed to indoctrination, they said BLM stated they support “queer affirming” programs [in schools]. The man said people could love whoever they choose to, but don’t force that perspective on their children. Next, he told the board BLM supports “disrupting the nuclear family.”

Then the couple did something brilliant. They extracted the notion from the abstract and made it concrete. The wife held up a picture of their four children, and the husband said, “This is my nuclear family BLM wants to disrupt.”

He said not having fathers in black families is one of the critical issues exacerbating crime and violence in many black communities. He pointed out that the BLM founders have boasted they are “trained Marxists,” which supports communism.

America has rejected (and defeated) communism in decades past, and we need to reject (and defeat) this latest attempt at cultural revolution where the Marxists have replaced class with race. This rejection is what this couple so skillfully showed the school board during that meeting.

Bean declared he was an American and that America is the “best country ever.” He agrees with American exceptionalism. He noted the “sniper” who gunned down five Dallas police officers said he was inspired by BLM to “kill white people, especially white cops.” He concluded, about BLM’s teachings, “This is poisonous, this is toxic.”

They also challenged the Left’s virtue signaling signs people see displayed in so many yards, often right next to BLM signs. Bean told the board of signs that his family planned to display proudly, which reflect their Christian beliefs.

One sign read, “In This House:

  • We believe God created man and woman
  • God created science
  • Not a few or some, but all lives matter
  • An unborn life is still a life
  • Helping the immigrants
  • Judging character, not skin color
  • Respecting the law and the flag
  • Biology is real
  • Jesus is life
  • God is love
  • Truth is everything”

Mr. Bean concluded with a poignant advisory. “We cannot allow this [BLM school indoctrination] to continue. I know it’s going on in mainstream media. I know it’s in the sports. But there’s millions who disagree. Thank you.”


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