Two Children Mistakenly Administered An Adult Dosage of Covid-19 Vaccine at Church Halloween Event

The parents of a child in Garland, Texas, have gone public after their son and another unknown child were given adult Covid-19 vaccination doses by mistake only days before the CDC authorized the vaccine for children aged 5 to 12 in the United States. 

The incident happened on Sunday during a Halloween celebration at the Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church, where the local health department was holding a pop-up clinic. Even though the injection had not yet been authorized for children aged 5 to 12, the clinic’s nurses convinced the family that the children were eligible for it.

“They asked us our kids’ ages, and so we told them 6 and 4, and they said ‘the 6-year-old can obviously get it if you’d like to go ahead and do that,'” said Julian Gonzalez, the father of the boy who was given the shot. “Going off their confidence and what we read, we were all for it.”

A parent of a 7-year-old who was there also chose to get their child vaccinated.

According to CBS, Gonzalez claims he was notified by the local health department the next day that the injections his kid had received weren’t intended to be given to minors. It was explained that they had mistakenly been given adult dosages, which is three times the authorized amount.

“We found out after the fact that the vials for the children’s vaccine should have been different, the needles should have been different…it should have been coded specifically for that so…where did that decision come from? Who was that told that they could go ahead and offer it?” Gonzalez explained.

Gonzales said that his son had some mild side effects but that he is feeling better. Fortunately, the family’s pediatrician believes he’ll be fine, but they’re keeping a close watch on him for now and will be monitoring his condition daily. The condition of the other child who received the adult Pfizer shot by mistake is unknown.

This crucial error on the part of the nurses was completely irresponsible, and it transformed what was intended to be a joyful Halloween night into a horrible nightmare.

This is currently the second known case of children being irresponsible administered the vaccine to make matters worse. In October, two 4-year-old children in Indiana were given the Covid-19 jab at a local Walgreens without parental permission. The family went to Walgreens to get the flu vaccination.

The city of Garland released a statement acknowledging the shots were given in error:

“The City of Garland Health Department (GHD) is reporting that two children under the age of 12 were administered doses of the Pfizer vaccine in error this weekend. GHD officials are in communication with the parents of the children involved, who are monitoring the children for side effects. GHD also has reported the incident to state health officials and are further investigating the circumstances leading up to the error. The safety and privacy of our patients is always our top priority. Due to patient privacy, we cannot share additional information at this time.”

The Garland Health Department’s egregious error is the exact reason why an increasing number of Americans have lost or are beginning to lose faith in their government institutions. As tensions over vaccine mandates build and reports of negative reactions surface, Americans should expect more controversy as the CDC and FDA continue to target the country’s children.

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