Two-Tiered Attorney General Merrick Garland Grilled by U.S. Senate About DOJ’s Unequal Treatment

AG Merrick Garland, heads two-tiered Dept. of Justice

How do you look someone in the eye and tell them you’re not doing what you are so obviously doing? Ask FBI Director Christopher Wray. He’s elevated smarmy to an art form. Or ask AG Merrick Garland, who doesn’t seem as comfortable gaslighting as Wray. But he does as the Biden regime tells him anyway.

Yesterday, according to Katie Pavlich at Town Hall, “During testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday afternoon, Attorney General Merrick Garland was corned by Republican Senator Ted Cruz about why the Department of Justice has failed to bring charges against raucous individuals illegally descending on the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices.

Garland won’t acknowledge there is a federal law prohibiting these protesters’ actions. Especially after a protester attempted to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Shouldn’t that have ended Garland’s experiment with leftist leniency (or lunacy)?

NBC News reported, “Attorney General Merrick Garland’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday grew heated when Republican lawmakers grilled him on the prosecution of protesters on both sides of the abortion fight.”

In Mark Houck’s case, nearly two dozen FBI agents descended on his home, with his wife and kids present, even after he’d previously told them he would go to the FBI office voluntarily. Garland said agents in the field decide the tactics. That’s highly doubtful unless their superiors gave them inaccurate information to assure such tactics.  

There was also some bipartisan rancor at Garland when Chairman Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) joined Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) “start[ing] the hearing by grilling Garland about the fentanyl crisis.”

Garland said, “Every day, the 115,000 employees of the Justice Department work tirelessly to fulfill our mission: to uphold the rule of law, to keep our country safe, and to protect civil rights. Every day, our FBI, ATF, and DEA agents, and our Deputy U.S. Marshals put their lives on the line to disrupt threats and respond to crises.”

That’s mostly true, but the rank and file are not the issue. The issue is those agencies’ leadership who’ve followed unconstitutional orders from the Biden regime to weaponize the FBI, ATF, and DEA against the American people— specifically “MAGA” conservatives.

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