U.S. Air Marshals Warn of “Serious Security Risk” Posed by Illegal Immigrant Flights

US Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) has a “whistleblower link on his congressional website” to monitor the border crisis. According to Bethany Blankley and John Solomon at JustTheNews.com, the website enabled a whistleblower to provide a “packet” to Gooden the US government allegedly gives illegal immigrants so they can skirt US laws for air travel.

The representative from Texas said he’s also hearing from ordinary Americans concerned about seeing illegals in airports “and not knowing where they’re coming from or going to or who is paying for their transport, and why.”

Gooden says the packet is a part of a federal effort to resettle illegal immigrants into the interior US.

The packets allow them to bypass security protocols required of ordinary American citizens and legal immigrants. He said the feds’ letter will enable them to “skip normal ID verification requirements because they lack official documents.”

Gooden said illegal immigrants will go “through an alternate screening process that checks luggage and ensures they aren’t carrying dangerous objects.”

The US Rep. showed Just the News a letter given to a 46-year-old Honduran illegal immigrant, which allowed him to fly to Louisiana from a San Diego detention facility.

The letter states officials released the illegal immigrant, and they “must cross the country to present themselves for an ICE check-in…” in about two weeks.

The letter also says, “They are currently showing you all of their identifications in their possession, which should be adequate for them to be able to be searched in Secure Flight.”

Gooden told Solomon Air Marshals told him they’ve boarded flights on which illegal immigrants are already seated.

The standard protocol for Air Marshals is to introduce themselves to the captain and crew and say something like, “Hey, I’m armed, I’m going to be on your flight.”

If someone is already on board who intends to do harm, they can now identify with ease their opposition.

Gooden added, “And we are creating situations that could be as bad or worse than September 11.”

Gooden says there is “a network of federal agencies and non-profits” using taxpayer money. There are also private donations to facilitate “a mass resettlement of not-fully vetted migrants into the interior of the country” in violation of US laws and affirmations from the courts, which say, “asylum seekers should remain south of the border in Mexico until their case is adjudicated.”

Gooden wants to target non-profits, supported by corporations, who are allegedly conspiring with the federal government to assist illegal aliens with relocation to America’s interior. Then the corporations list their donations to non-profits as tax write-offs.

The representative also spoke to FOX News about this alleged conspiracy led by the federal government engaged in flying illegal immigrants all over the United States. He also learned that the government was using “abandoned hotels in California” to shelter migrants.

Rep. Gooden said, “I managed to get in the gates. I demanded entry once and was refused. I talked a guard into letting me in on another occasion and when I was in there I saw busses pulling up, probably about 100 migrants over an hour got off of these busses.”

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