U.S. Border Patrol Surpass Two Million Arrests at Border

Over 100 suspected illegal migrants Rio Grande Valley

In the shadow of the Massachusetts militia repelling an invasion force of 50 illegal migrants that stormed Martha’s Vineyard, the New York Post reported, the U.S. Border Patrol has arrested “a record-high” 2 million illegal aliens in just under a year. 

Martha’s Vineyard Ferry

Customs and Border Protection” said surpassing 2 million arrests was “driven by a hike in migration from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.” 

While 50 is stretching the definition of “invasion,” 2 million qualifies as a literal invasion. 

CBP Border Patrol agent

The Island is celebrating their surviving a 44-hour blitz before driving out their occupiers. But Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Father of the Invasion, accused them of “engaging in phony ‘virtue signaling.” 

Democrat state media oozed syrupy accolades on The Island residents who touted their “care and concern” for “the migrants” in the hours and minutes before deporting them to a military base on the mainland. 

DeSantis pointed out Martha’s Vineyard was undoubtedly in a better position to resettle 50 illegal migrants than the Texas and Arizona border towns were to resettle the 2 million that have passed through their small communities (before the Biden regime “kidnapped” and distributed them throughout the U.S.).

DeSantis mentioned Martha’s Vineyard, now in the off-season, has plenty of housing and “help wanted” ads in the newspaper.

Despite, The Islanders walking around patting each other on the back for being such “good” people, the “sanctuary” supporters missed a stellar opportunity, rather than virtue signal, to be actually virtuous, and assimilate what they called—for all of 44 hours—their honored 50, not 2 million, guests.  


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