U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin Would-be Assassin, Let Go by State, Now Arrested By Feds

Last Thursday, police arrested a suspect after he allegedly attempted to assassinate U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), a New York gubernatorial candidate, during a campaign speech in Fairport, NY, at a VFW post. Following his arrest, and as Zeldin predicted, the suspect was released with no bail because of New York’s insane “bail reform laws.”

In the video of the attack, viewers can see the attacker holding a brass-knuckle-type weapon, held in his fist with two sharp protrusions. The suspect came at Zeldin and at one point held the weapon only inches from the rep’s neck. The congressman was able to thwart the would-be assassin, grabbing his weapon hand, giving men and women near Zeldin a chance to subdue the suspect. Police then promptly arrested the suspect.

Zeldin predicted the court would release the suspect, and that’s just what they did. Release a man charged with a felony for allegedly attempting to assassinate a sitting U.S. congressman and candidate for governor of New York. What kind of a just society does that?

According to FOX News, Zeldin, if elected, “has promised to fire district attorneys that do not enforce the law.”

Not sure what took so long, but the feds have now arrested the suspect on federal charges, according to “the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of New York….”

Mike Gallagher wrote about an interview he had with the congressman. “He [Zeldin] tweeted, ‘The attacker will likely be instantly released under New York’s laws.’ And I thought, there’s no way, come on. I mean, I like Lee Zeldin, but no way that could happen.” But with today’s Soros-saturated DA’s offices, there is a way that could happen.


During the interview, Zeldin said, “Somebody else gets released on an arson and then gets rearrested on a double manslaughter after they were released on cashless bail. People robbing a bank, getting released the same exact day, looking up to the sky, smiling, laughing at the system, and then going out and robbing additional banks that day.”

Zeldin is not exaggerating. Hopefully, he’ll soon be in a position to do something about it.

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