UK Poll On Vaccine Passports Shows Overwhelming Majority Of Voters Against Any Vaccine Mandate

A Daily Express poll reaching over 35,000 voters announced that an overwhelming majority of participants agree that England should NOT institute a vaccine passport in November. According to one of the voters, the results of the 35,006 votes show 94% of voters agree that “Boris Johnson should not bring in vaccine passports in November in an attempt to stop the spread of Covid in England.”

This vote comes after The Telegraph reported on leaked UK government documents showing that vaccine passports could have the opposite effect and spread Covid while costing event venues millions to implement. Thousands of small business owners in the music industry quickly called on Boris Johnson to “ditch vaccine passports” after the leaked documents were public.

According to the leaked documents, a covid vaccine passport would cost the UK economy up to £18 billion ($24,779,214,000).

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