“Uncle Tom II” Exposes the Lies That Harm Blacks in America

Brandon Tatum sat down with Charlie Kirk to talk about the new film, “Uncle Tom II,” which exposes how BLM has perpetuated a victim mindset to the black community and caused them to hate America.

Currently streaming for free on Salem Media, Brandon explained that “Uncle Tom II” digs into the “nuances of how Marxist individuals in our country, namely the leaders of BLM, are literally taking the black community down the drain and having this anti-American theology that’s causing individuals who are black in this country to hate America, to feel like a perpetual victim. And those things are detriments, and we have to change those.”

He says that we have observed that the rise of Marxism and its social ideology has moved us further away from God and the family and closer toward the government. 

Statistically speaking, compared to even the 1930s, fewer young people are being born into married families, and more are being born outside of wedlock. Victimization is more significant than ever in the post-slavery history of black people when we look at government assistance programs and the victimhood that has been articulated by these faux black leaders.

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