OPINION | Ungrateful Police De-Funder U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar Blames the Cops for Crime Surge

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That ungrateful, spoiled brat, U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), recently uttered some more of the inane garbage she so often spews. But, this time, it was especially unhinged and idiotic. A prime 2020 advocate for defunding the police, she’s now blaming the police for a Minneapolis crime surge.

Remember, this woman reportedly married her brother to scam the country that saved her from a life of poverty and second-class servitude as a woman in the failed state of Somalia. Laughably, she, whose own oath to the U.S. Constitution she’s shredded, accused officers of “not fulfilling their oath of office.”

Sometimes the irony runs neck and neck with her hypocrisy. She’s worked so hard to defund the police to weaken cops so they cannot do their jobs. Then she shamelessly criticizes them for not doing police work as she believes they should.

She slams officers for “not fulfill[ing] their oath of office and to provide the public safety they are owed to the citizens they serve.” Well, English is not her first language, but I think we get her point. She hates cops when they do their jobs, and she hates them when they don’t.

What sort of person do you have to be to support defunding the police, and then, when that’s successful, you blame the cops for a crime surge you helped create?

There’s a word I’ve been using lately to describe radical Democrats that I’ve hesitated to use — until relatively recently. I didn’t want to be guilty of overstatement. But what do you call someone who creates or supports policies that make criminals more likely to injure or kill cops? And if the situation is so unsafe, cops are more likely to be killed; what about the average person? How is that not evil?

Omar stands before the cameras with that smug expression of hyper-entitlement. In fact, she’s so self-righteous, I wonder how her fellow “wokesters” don’t consider her imbued with “white privilege” (Hey, if Larry Elder can be “a black face on white supremacy,” then why can’t Omar be the black face of white privilege?).

Ironically, her success as a black female immigrant who became a naturalized U.S. citizen and then rose to occupy a seat in the U.S. Congress seems to hang like a burden around her neck. Who can look at her and not be struck by the hypocrisy coating every negative word she utters about the nation that had embraced her?

Is it a matter of political expediency that she’s so anti-American? She speaks with an annoying lilt at the end of sentences that seems to betray her immaturity. She’s like a teenager who won’t appreciate her parents until she matures (if she ever does) and realizes all they’d provided for her over the years.

Oddly, I wonder if I should feel sorry for her. As an American, I can’t help lamenting the ignorant contempt she has for the nation that rescued her. And rather than thankful, she adopts the Democrat Party’s hate-America first (hate Israel second) agenda and becomes one of its most strident advocates.

Could she possibly harbor the illusion China would have taken her in, as America did, and she’d have similarly excelled under the CCP? Not a chance, even though she’s a Marxist like them, she’d be sitting in a Chinese gulag chained to a fellow Muslim, Uighur slave.

After all these years as a cop, I’m amazed, writing about politics affecting law enforcement; I still believe there may be some good even in a politician like Omar. But I’m probably wrong.

Still, in her quiet moments, I wonder if she ever looks in the mirror and recalls what it was like to be a young girl in war-ravaged Somalia. And does she ever think about the contrast between how she felt living in that Kenyan refugee camp and the great fortune she’s experienced living in the United States of America?

But I’m a realist. When Omar looks for her reflection in the mirror, does she have one? Or is the opinion of her being a psychic vampire true? The world may never know.

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