Unhinged Democrats Target Messenger, Ignore Message

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Democrats put on an abysmal display during a congressional hearing on government-Twitter censorship. But the full-on-freak-out Dems were short on specifics but long on hyperbole—and unprovoked insults. 

The evidence of collusion between the federal government and businesses like Twitter to censor Americans with whom they disagree politically seems more than fair game for any journalist. The Left used to agree. However, this inquiry is aimed at Democrats, not Republicans. And, even worse for Dems, Joe Biden and not former President Donald Trump is a target.

According to National Review, Delegate “Stacey Plaskett (D., Virgin Islands) ripped into Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger during a Thursday hearing on the Twitter Files, accusing the pair of journalists of endangering the lives of Twitter employees by exposing how the social-media platform partnered with various federal agencies to censor disfavored political views.”

U.S. House Delegate Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands)

Also, incredulously, “Plaskett insisted that there was no ‘real evidence of coordination between Twitter and the federal government and argued that the hundreds of emails revealed by Shellenberger and Taibbi are simply evidence of benign ‘content moderationefforts.” How would she know? She opposes investigating the evidence.


       Matt Taibbi       Michael Shellenberger

The Dem’s unjustified antagonism toward liberals Taibbi and Shellenberger makes conservatives chuckle. Still, Plaskett rudely attacked them as if they were MAGA royalty. These respected and accomplished journalists (not “so-called”) have reputations for serious reporting on serious subjects. The problem with them, for the Dems, is they follow the story wherever it leads, with no political narrative necessary.

And once again, the Democrats accused their enemies of doing precisely what the Dems have been doing. 

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)

Benny Johnson tweeted,“Jim Jordan OBLITERATES Democrat on House Weaponization Committee after she has utter meltdown over Twitter Files authors testifying to expose Big Tech censorship.”

Townhall agreed, tweeting, “Rep. Jim Jordan took his five minutes, and its must-watch: ‘The truth is, we want to focus on protecting the First Amendment.’”

Among those shrill voices grilling the journalists was the loathsome Debbie “Blabbermouth” (hat-tip Rush Limbaugh) Schultz. The Dems referred to the men as Elon Musk’s “personal scribes.” And they attempted to get them to reveal their sources. Something they know is sacrilege for ethical journalists. 


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