Unvaccinated Employees of Delta Airlines WILL Pay More for Health Insurance

Delta Airlines has decided to punish its unvaccinated employees under the guise of “fairness” by making them pay an extra $200 per month for their healthcare.

Citing rising costs as the reason, any Delta employee who isn’t vaccinated by November 1 will face a hefty increase of $200 in their monthly premium.

As of September 12, employees won’t lose their jobs, but they will be subjected to regular testing paid for by Delta. They will, however, risk losing their job if they contract the virus, as Delta will no longer extend pay protection to the unvaccinated.

Not every employee is subject to the new policy. Some pilots will be able to escape the surcharge as they have already selected health plans with a higher premium – 950+ pilots of the 12,000 employed by the airline.

Pilots are part of a union and are not necessarily subject to the same set of rules. Their union contracts protect them and their job if the company decides to change things up in a way that would otherwise put them in jeopardy.

The union released a statement saying that they have “consistently advocated to maintain the right of each individual pilot to consult with his or her medical provider regarding COVID-19 vaccinations or booster doses. While the Delta [master executive council] respects Delta Air Line’s efforts to mitigate the impact of breakthrough COVID-19 variant infections, it needs to bargain with the Delta MEC over any employer-mandated vaccination for pilots.”

Delta CEO Ed Bastian says that a hospitalized employee costs them $50,000 and sent a memo to staff that said, “This surcharge will be necessary to address the financial risk the decision to not vaccinate is creating for our company.”

That amount was undercut by a company spokesperson who said the amount was actually $40,000. Delta later said both figures reflected a range of the average bill.

They were also careful not to mention the new virus strain by its “street name,” and Twitter had a hay day pointing it out.

One user tweeted, “Delta airlines calling the Delta Variant the B.1.617.2 Variant in their statement is one of the funniest corporate decisions ever.”


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