US Air Force Discharges 27 Active Members For Refusing The Covid Vaccine

STAFF Sergeant (SSGT) Richard Hogan, Independent Duty Medical Technician, 31st Medical Group, Aviano Air Base, Italy, gives a KC-135R Stratotanker pilot assigned to the 351st Aerial Refueling Squadron (ARS), 100th Aerial Refueling Wing (ARW), Royal Air Force (RAF) Mildenhall, his annual influenza vaccination, in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM

The first wave of military dismissals came yesterday as the United States Air Force announced it discharged 27 active members for refusing to get vaccinated with a Covid-19 shot. Air Force spokesman Ann Stefanek announced these 27 are the first to be administratively discharged for failing to abide by the mandate put in place by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

According to the Air Force website, over 97% of members have been vaccinated, leaving almost 10,000 active duty Air Force unvaccinated. Nearly 5,000 of those members have applied for a religious exemption to which ZERO exemptions have been granted.

From the Air Force:

“Religious accommodations are a subset of administrative exemptions and are determined by the MAJCOM/FLDCOM commanders. The DAF has 30 business days (active component in CONUS) to process requests. Appeals are determined by the DAF’s Surgeon General with inputs from the chaplain and staff judge advocate. Individuals do not have to get immunized as long as their request is in the process of being decided.”

Secretary Austin mandated that all troops begin the vaccination process back in August but allowed the separate branches to determine their specific deadline for full compliance. The Air Force set its deadline for its members to comply for November 2.

According to the Washington Post, military analysts are warning that “the number of refusals and holdouts [is] a troubling indicator” that this is an order that military members are willing to ignore.

The paper claims about 40,000 military members are currently refusing to be vaccinated, but Sec. Austin has made it clear that the Pentagon expects 100% participation in this vaccination program.

“We know there’s some more work to do,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told the press. If they can’t get the military members to “choose” to get vaccinated, the Pentagon will remove them from the ranks.

In November, Utah Representative Chris Stewart warned that forcing the military and national intelligence agencies into firing its members due to Covid vaccine mandates would weaken America’s defenses.

“You’re potentially firing thousands of people on the same day,” said Rep. Stewart. “And it’s not like you put an ad on Craiglist and have people apply by Thursday.”

California Representative Darrell Issa instructed service members facing discharge to email him their stories at: [email protected] “We need this Administration to understand how its mandate will devastate our national security,” wrote Rep. Issa.

  1. Those officers that followed the illegal and unconstitutional mandates by Biden and released the airmen should be brought up on charges for violating their sworn oath and the Military Code of Justice. An officer in the military is honor bound to refuse such orders and in violation for for not doing their duty to the country.

  2. All done on purpose. The Fascist are wanting as many as possible to not get the jab so they can unconstitutionally discharge them. Why…to ultimately replace them with clueless, duped, indoctrinated, “woke” sheep to do their evil bidding. Same goal with police and all other key government entities. This is all a planned, purposeful takedown of the Constitution and the United States of America.

  3. This regime is not interested in national security, or effective armed forces — they’re interested in forces that will obey without question, and support the regime. The forced vaccinations are more about ridding the ranks of those who question illegal orders than anything concerned with the virus.

  4. I have to say I am embarrassed to of been an officer in the USAF. I wouldn’t do it now. The cowards in charge in the pentagon should face court martial themselves for how they are destroying the American military, and their performance in Afghanistan. God help our nation we’re going to need it. If America survives the Biden administration, we’ll be lucky. LET’S GO Brandon (FJB)

  5. With autonomous drones and loitering munitions, the Napoleonic Era of uniformed servicemembers is over. Weapons like Harops and Switchblade have made even standoff and fire and forget targeting systems obsolete.

    I was curious why they had CRT and LGBTQ, drag and transgender events on base and now forced vaxxes, it all make sense now.

    They want people gone.

  6. What’s shocking to me is that 97% of the Air Force took the non FDA approved, experimental combination of chemicals.

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