US Judge Orders United Airlines Halt Covid Vaccine Mandate For Employees

Unprecedented seems to be the word of the last two years. The fog of war clouds your eyes and mind tricking you into believing in hysterical narratives that wouldn’t have been acceptable in society back in December 2019. Now the justice system is involved in several active cases debating whether your employer or landlord has the constitutional right to force you to inject an emergency compound into your body.

Yesterday a US judge concluded that “to avoid risking irreparable injury and to maintain the status quo,” the Court must issue a Temporary Restraining Order. The Court stated that without the Temporary Restraining Order barring United Airlines from disciplining employees based on their vaccination status, United is free to place exempted unvaccinated employees on leave.

“If [United Airlines’] stipulation were to expire without temporary injunctive relief in place, nothing would prevent hundreds of workers from ostensibly either:

  1. being compelled to take a vaccination in violation of their religious beliefs or medical restrictions, or
  2. being placed on indefinite unpaid leave by United.”

The judge said the ruling was not based on these two points but that the need for a restraining order to prevent a premature action was warranted.

The restraining order prevents United Airlines from placing non-compliant workers on unpaid leave if they were already granted an exemption — whether medical or religious. The order also stops United Airlines from denying its employees an exemption based on religious or medical reasons, even if they missed the original request deadline.


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