Violence and Protests Across America Mark The Anniversary Of Breonna Taylor’s Death [VIDEO]

Protests broke out across America marking the one-year anniversary of the officer-involved shooting death of Breonna Taylor.  The protests turned violent where incidents evolved into riots in Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.

Protesters clashed with police and began destroying property, according to Fox News. Rioters threw rocks and other objects at police, as well as vandalizing police vehicles and smashing windows of businesses.

In Los Angeles, an LAPD patrol car started to move slowly then sped away as two protesters jumped on and started smashing the hood on the anniversary of the Breonna Taylor shooting.

“LAPD just ran over two protesters at the Hollywood Breonna Taylor march,” one activist stated beneath a video of the incident.

Hundreds of activists took to the streets last night in Los Angeles.

Damage was widespread:

When police responded to the protestors, they were attacked:

LAPD officers blocked an intersection in HollywoodCredit: Twitter/@VPS_Reports

Protesters also marched in several other cities including Atlanta, Washington, Portland and Seattle.

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In Seattle, police blocked streets and were pictured pushing a crowd forward into the downtown area.

There were some peaceful demos in Washington DC and in New York, where protesters lay on the ground in Times Square.

But it wasn’t all peaceful.

One protestor was seen swinging an object at the plexiglass window and smashing a huge hole at the outdoor dining area at Dalton’s Bar & Grill.

Police tweeted a photo of cuts on one customer’s face.

NYPD said the crowd also “dangerously prevented EMS from responding to this medical emergency”.

“There was nothing peaceful about the protest. It looked like Black Lives Matter,” one employee told The New York Post.

“I saw a man screaming and banging on the glass. It happened so fast.”

The New York Post reports,

Images from the “protest” also showed “graffiti scrawled around the area, including ‘die pigs’ and ‘f–k 12,’ a common anti-police message used during protests.”

Brandon Tatum, former police officer and founder of the Tatum Report, commented on the latest developments:


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