A Virginia College Student Body President Caught Running Anonymous Left-Wing Activist Twitter Account

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Taylor Marie Maloney, 20, is the current student body president of Virginia Commonwealth University. The Post Millennial reports that Maloney is “a far-left extremist using an online moniker to advocate for targeted killings of law enforcement.” The report details Maloney’s praise by the ACLU of Virginia as the “first openly transgender and non-binary person” elected as student body president for the college.

PM reports, “Social media posts written by the communist activist have since surfaced showing their advocacy for killing cops, rioting, looting, vandalism and hatred of white people.”


Maloney’s suspended account tweeted:

“ur reminder to advocate for the k*lling of k*ops”  “riot riot riot”  “loot loot loot”

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Taylor Maloney reportedly commented on an AP report detailing the terrorist attack from Muslim Noah Green, saying, “love this, we need more of this.” Taylor also reportedly threatened to “burn this b*tch to the ground” if the Minnesota jury voted to acquitted former officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd. She even supported the two teen killers of the Uber driver, saying, “when is Richmond gonna fry up another GRTC bus? When are we gonna see some action again? I thought yall was anarchists.”

PM states, “Maloney has also made a number of racist posts on social media.” The posts by Maloney go as far as saying, “I hate white people so much it’s not even funny.” And her lovely Twitter bio reportedly reads, “If [you] are white, you should idk shut up.”

According to the same report, Maloney was among those arrested at the Black Lives Matter riot in Richmond. The riot saw “militants started fires, smashed windows and assaulted responding police officers with rocks.” She also tweeted disgusting views of anti-white and anti-mixed race couples calling children whose father was white “white quadroon kids.”

“As student body president at VCU, Maloney oversees more than 30,000 students and how funds are distributed to over 500 student organizations on campus. Maloney is studying political science and government,” according to the PM report. Maloney responded to the publication’s request for comment, saying, “I did say all these things.”

She has yet to be denounced by the ACLU of Virginia, the Virginia Commonwealth University, and GoFundMe, who famously takes down fundraising attempts by conservatives, is allowing Maloney to “fundraise housing arrangements so that they can move to an apartment where they can be recognized by their gender identity.”

Maloney also claims that if no job prospects arise, it will be time to “engage in sex work” to realize her housing needs.

Why would you ever pay money to send your kids to these colleges? If your kid was acting out like that on Twitter and the President of their university didn’t discipline them, you have them in the wrong school. Pull them out. We don’t want them to keep training communist. Stop funding the breaking down of our education system.

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