Virginia Man With Kidney Failure Removed From Transplant List Due To His Vaccine Status

Vaccine mandates are coming to America despite objections from the left two years ago that this would never happen, and any warning of this is merely pushing harmful conspiracy theories for the purpose of fear-mongering.

A Virginia resident with stage five kidney failure, Shamgar Connors, was removed from a transplant list in Virginia because he has not received the Covid vaccine.

Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield played a recorded phone call on his show between Shamgar Connors and a doctor with the University of Virginia’s Transplant Center. Connors, who requires nightly dialysis to live, has been on the transplant list for three years, but was told because he is unvaccinated from Covid, the Center no longer considers him “active,” making it impossible for him to be considered for a transplant.

“Even if someone offered it to him,” exclaimed Stinchfield.

The phone call was chilling as the doctor told Connors the news.

Doctor: “Our policy is if you … in order to have people active on the transplant list and get a transplant, you need to be fully vaccinated. You don’t want to move forward?”

Connors: “I’d rather die of kidney failure than get it.”

Doctor: “Okay. So this may be … I mean this may be a crossroads at your evaluation because I don’t … there’s … that’s not … there’s not going to be any exception to that. The science is pretty clear on the vaccine.”

Connors: “I just had Covid, and I got over it. I’m not scared of it. It doesn’t matter. It’s like you have a 99.9997 percent chance to survive.”

Doctor: “That’s not, yeah. That’s all pretty inaccurate data. But it is obviously your choice, but it’s not your choice if you want to be active on the list.”


Stinchfield said his show reached out to the University of Virginia’s transplant list for a comment without success. Shamgar Connors told Stinchfield his condition wouldn’t get better without a kidney transplant and that his O-positive blood makes it hard to get a match.

“I’ve already been on the waitlist three years, maybe more than that actually,” said Connors. “I’d have to start all over somewhere else.”

He said it could take up to seven years to find a kidney with his blood type. “I might no be alive by then,” remarked Connors.

  1. I have a friends whose husband was given the ultimatum to get vaxed or be taken off the liver transplant list. They live in Georgia and travel to Atlanta for care. He ended up getting the vax so he would not be dropped from the list even though he was against it.

  2. That is ridiculous on so many levels. It just goes to show how little the left cares about the American people. Wake up people! The Democrats only care about pushing their socialist agenda.

  3. A transplant requires a drug to lower the immune system to avoid rejecting the new kidney. A lower immune system is not good. Milk thistle/dandelion/parsley etc may help the liver/kidneys along with no antibiotics/no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO etc…

  4. If you get the vaccine, your immune system goes to work building antibodies to protect against future infections, and the memory t-cells memorize the formula to build the antibodies for future infection. Right? And, the EXACT SAME thing happens if you get the actual infection (which he did recently.) This is the gist of vaccine science for the last 100 years or so (a wild guess, but I’m probably not far off.) So, I don’t understand why we’ve made the Covid immunity question so complex! Doctors refusing to acknowledge natural immunity? Did they sleep through the vaccine class in med school? (Ok…I’m ready to be attacked, which is fine, but please include a link ton how immunity and vaccines work if I haven’t all wrong.)

  5. I pray he finds someone somewhere to help him! I would love to but I already donated my kidney to a stranger 7 years ago! This is a doctor who doesn’t care enough about why he got into medicine for in the first place!

  6. They say, follow the science. This man had Covid. He has natural immunity, which is better than the vax. He should not be forced to have an experimental vax. None of us should. His body is already weakened with stage 5 kidney disease, and most likely is on dialysis. The vax could put him in a worse situation.

  7. he shouldnt get any organ, he has abused steroids that he obtained from canada over the internet. he has repeatedly NOT done what was asked of him by his doctors as far as other protocol to receive an organ. He is doing this for publicity and money ( go fund me) and has full intentions of eventually getting the vaccine. he is still on the donor list, just inactive at the moment. when he was asked if he wanted to be removed all together or remain inactive while he thinks about being vaccinated, he said remain on the list but inactive. wake up this guy is doing this for attention and money.

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