Voters in Chile Deal Far-Left Radical Rulers Blow at the Ballot Box

Never doubt why the Framers made the U.S. Constitution so difficult to alter. Americans need only to look south to Chile where it simply required a vote. As reported by Axios, “Voters in Chile on Sunday rejected a progressive constitution that would have drastically changed the country.”

Earlier this year, Axios described the country’s youngest president ever elected, Gabriel Boric, as “Chile’s new leftist president, whose promises of a renewed, social justice-focused nation inspired a historic voter turnout, is now in office.”

If that sounds familiar, it’s because America’s “social justice-focused” Democrat Party is currently ruining the United States. But things in Chile have changed over the past few months. Chileans, and Americans, have learned just how quickly the radical left can devastate a nation. Hopefully, American voters will send a similar message in November.

Boric portrayed the new constitution as enshrining “reproductive, education, housing and Indigenous rights.” Translation: protected class entitlements and special rights. And, despite collapsing national health care systems in the U.K. and Canada, Chile’s leftist leaders apparently felt they could “do it right this time.” Fighting “climate change” would also have been designated a “state duty.”

Voters rejected a new constitution with nearly 62 percent of the vote “with 99.99%… counted….” 

According to The Daily Wire, “The extreme Constitution would have also eliminated the country’s Senate, something that many on far-left want to happen in the U.S.” The DW also reported Boric’s government “includes members of Chile’s Communist Party.” And, as with radical leftists in the U.S., Boric announced his intentions to usurp the God-given right to self-defense by inflicting a total gun ban on the nation. 

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