Voters in Pacific Northwest Refuse to “Get it,” as Cities Decline

The Great Pacific Northwest was once an American gem with lefty but live-and-let-live attitudes and unparalleled natural beauty from mountains to sea. It also boasted two beautiful, smart, and friendly cities: the quirky Seattle and the even quirkier Portland. But, no matter how bad it gets, enough Democrats continue to elect the same lame brains to office.

In Seattle, Washington Dem dictator (Gov.) Jay Inslee has “discovered” the answer to “homelessness” is spending more money on things that have never worked.

And, according to the Daily Mail, “Portland homeowners and residents have spoken out about the city’s descent into a lawless, unrecognizable hellscape thanks to policies that have resulted in a widespread crime, drug use, and homelessness.”

BLM/Antifa protests in Portland

Business owners cannot operate profitably. Worse, they say, “the city refuses to crack down on the problem.” At the risk of being insensitive, Portlandia voted for the idiots running that city.

Mayor Ted Wheeler has presided over the collapse of downtown Portland businesses.

And the leftist instinct that drives their poor decision-making is stuck on stupid. Back in Seattle, Dem voters besieged by a “homeless encampment” mired in crime, including murders, still believe Inslee cares.

One neighbor declared if only Gov. Inslee would see the problem with his own eyes, he’d rally every government agency to the cause. A couple of weeks ago, Inslee came, Inslee saw, and Inslee did nothing—again. Dems need “homelessness” to run on during elections.

The same goes for Portland. When confronted with Walmart closing Portland stores, “Some believe that the move was political, a way for the conservative Walton family to stick it to a liberal city that has fallen on hard times.”

“Fallen?” How about it jumped in with both feet?

Everything is political to the Left.

Walmart is successful because it exists to be profitable. The community good flows from that. “Nick Perius, 34, who works at Walmart’s Southeast Portland location…, argued that it’s about economics, not ideology.”

Residents who cling to this neo-leftist ideology watch “uncontrollable shoplifting” at Portland stores but refuse to connect it to the business exodus.

The bloom is definitely off this Rose City.

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