VP Kamala Harris Heckled At D.C. ‘PRIDE’ Event

Vice President Kamala Harris needs a map. Why else would she have stopped at the Washington D.C. pride event instead of the Southern Border on Saturday? Instead of taking care of the crisis plaguing our border states, Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff surprised rally goers at the Capital Pride Walk.

She was there to make a “spontaneous” speech pushing the Democrat’s Equality Act. The NY Post reported that Kamala Harris told the crowd, “We need to make sure that our transgender community and our youth are all protected. We need, still, protections around employment and housing. There is so much more work to do, and I know we are committed.”

Some marchers at the Capital Pride Walk wanted more information from VP Harris, but it had nothing to do with LGBTQ “pride.”

Reporter and former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer tweeted an exclusive video showing the moment a crowd of brave people asked Kamala Harris about her border plans.

The blurry video reportedly shows Vice President Kamala Harris identified by her pink blazer and white “Love is Love” t-shirt she was photographed wearing during the march. The crowd screamed, “When are you planning on going to the Southern Border?” The VP ignored the questions as she jumped into the back of the armored SUV.

The Southern Border creates multiple income streams for corrupt corporations and politicians. It’s not just human and drug trafficking that plagues the border’s residents. Kamala Harris ignoring the threat to our country shouldn’t be a surprise, considering the position she took on immigration during Trump’s first term.

Along with the rest of the progressive caucus, Harris called to defund ICE and stop deportations. For example, during the Senate Confirmation hearing for Ronald Vitiello Senator, Kamala Harris took shots at ICE by comparing our border patrol agents to the KKK. Harris asked Ronald Vitiello if he was aware that some see similarities between the KKK and ICE.

After Vitiello firmly told the former Senator that he didn’t see the parallels between the terrorist organization and our immigration agency, Kamala pressed him again. She asked, “Are you aware that there is a perception that ICE is administering its power in a way that is causing fear and intimidation, particularly among immigrants and specifically among immigrants coming from Mexico and Central America?”

Even the President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, told a Sean Hannity reporter last week that Biden and Harris allowed the Family Reunification Task Force’s “lukewarm message” to be used “by the coyotes in a distorted manner.” He said, “If you have a lukewarm message, it opens up the possibility that there’s a bad interpretation of it.” Vice President Kamala Harris was never going to be tough on the border, but the more she ignores it, the worse it gets for her publicly.


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