WA Dems Want to Nix English Language Requirement for Cops and Firefighters

The Washington State Democrat-controlled Senate doesn’t believe people hired as firefighters and police officers need to speak, read, and write in the English language. Opponents (otherwise known as sane people) believe this is just another woke attempt to bolster the radical left’s DEI goals and reduce public safety.

Washington State Patrol

According to FOX News, “ Some Democrats in Washington State are trying to eliminate the requirement for police officers and other public safety officials to be able to read and write in English.

The bill scraps some U.S. citizenship and English language requirements for several civil service positions, including police, fire, and state fish and wildlife officers.

Seattle Firefighters

To ensure no one misses the lunacy in this legislation, SB 5274 is titled: “Developing opportunities for service and workforce programs to support climate-ready communities.”

The problem with police and firefighters not speaking English where the language is predominant seems obvious. However, radical Democrats seem to believe black officers should serve black residents, Hispanic officers serve Hispanic people, and etc. So, it’s not a giant leap to non-English speaking officers should only serve people whose language they speak.

Seattle Fire Department

It doesn’t work that way. When most people call 911, they want any cop, firefighter/EMT, or medic available who speaks English.

FOX also reported, “State Senator Javier Valdez (D-Seattle) was joined by ten other Democrats to sponsor the bill. The Democrat argued it would help address current job shortages and ‘promote diversification of Washington’s public service by encouraging and highlighting bilingualism and multilingualism.’”

Spokane Valley Fire Department station

How does dropping the English language requirement “encourage bilingualism and multilingualism?” Makes no sense.

However, that Democrats would destroy traditional policing (defund the police) to replace it with woke law enforcement does make sense.

Port of Seattle Police

Arguing “the bill would hinder public safety, Seattle-based conservative talk show host Jason Rantz blasted the effort as the latest move in the left’s ‘equity agenda.’”

Rantz added, “Democrats pretend you don’t need to understand the English language, it’s a necessary requirement for these positions.”

The bill should move onto “the House Committee on Community Safety, Justice, & Reentry next week.”

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