Wanton Fentanyl Smoking Has Made Seattle Public Transit Rolling HazMat Sites

It had to happen that Seattle city leaders’ soft-on-crime slime would eventually ooze onto city busses. C. Douglas Golden, at The Western Journal points out, “Smoking on public transit hasn’t been tolerated for years — yet, in one of America’s most liberal cities, it’s so common that trains and buses are becoming toxic.”

The Seattle Times reported, “Bus and train operators say so many people are smoking drugs on Seattle-area transit that the fumes, and volatile behavior, create a hazardous work environment that discourages ridership.”

In 2019, King County Metro Transit employees reported 44 drug incidents. In 2020, 73 reports. Last year, 2021, they reported 398.

Bus-riding dopers are hijacking innocent passengers and making them passive drug users. Addicts place meth, heroin, and/or fentanyl on an aluminum foil strip, then heat it with a lighter. Users then use a straw to suck in the vapors (Warning: possessing a plastic straw. Now, that’s a serious crime in Seattle).

The ambient smoke then wafts throughout the coach, exposing passengers and drivers to these toxic clouds. Fourteen transit operators have reported “headaches, dizziness or irritated breathing.” A minimum of six drivers have requested they be relieved before their shift ended.

Transit maintenance crews reported dazed derelicts have “punched, spat upon, and threatened” them. Seattle’s feckless more-crime-fewer-officers policy has police rarely arriving quickly. Though state laws and city policies still often prevent cops who do arrive from being effective.

The transit workers’ union endorsed Bruce Harrell who recently became mayor. They supported that Harrell campaigned “on… law and order.” The union VP offered this nebulous suggestion for leftist ideologue Harrell. “The solution is to restore transit, make it welcoming, bring back passengers.” Brilliant!

Of course, the cops could do that… yesterday!

What kind of leaders can people rely on? Terry White, Metro Transit general manager, assures people it’s also happening elsewhere, which should make people feel safer in… no way at all.

However, he also said he “anticipates developing outreach for homeless passengers…” (as residents breathe a sigh of relief), which he believes “is a separate issue…” from drug use. Okay.

What Seattle’s “woke” leaders need is a serious wake-up call.

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