Washington State Democrats Continue to Target Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Washington State Democrat legislators once again have law-abiding gun owners in their sights. Such a power-grab is no surprise, especially for a party that is currently using Covid-19 protocols to ban unvaccinated members from entering the State Capitol building in Olympia.

Vaccination and mask mandates are not enough for the Democrat Party in Washington State. Now, according to a Yakima Herald headline, “Gun restrictions [are] on the agenda as Washington state lawmakers look to [a] new session.”

Likely spurred on by a recent U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision, upholding California’s ban on so-called high-capacity magazines, “Democratic state lawmakers are proposing a fresh round of firearms restrictions as the Washington Legislature prepares to gather in January for its regularly scheduled session.”

Aside from restrictions on “high-capacity” magazines (over 10 rounds) and another shot at banning “assault weapons,” Democrats are looking to ban firearms at polling places, in local government buildings, at public meetings (such as school boards), and a ban on so-called “ ‘ghost’ guns by adding homemade firearms to the existing ban.”

Sen. Pat Kuderer, D-Bellevue, considers these measures that have never reduced outlaws possessing firearms to be “reasonable restrictions.”

The NRA and Republican gun rights advocates have criticized the new gun regulations elected officials keep trying to pass. The major backlash comes from the NRA seeing these laws as unconstitutional.

Republicans have been successful in blocking “high-capacity” and “assault rifle” bans, as they did in 2019. Some Democrats also heard, loudly, from their constituents.

During the exploited “pandemic,” Americans of all political stripes purchased firearms for self-defense. Many are first-time gun buyers, and, increasingly, they include Democrats. Ironically, the gun website 19fortyfive.com reports it’s likely many people have used their government pandemic “stimulus checks” to contribute to “the most recent surge in firearms sales.”

This is happening, especially after radical Democrat prosecutors have devastated many local criminal justice systems across the nation, essentially allowing violent criminals to prey on their law-abiding residents. Americans simply wish to exercise their right to self-defense, which, as The Heritage Foundation has noted, are inextricably linked to their Second Amendment rights.

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