WATCH: Antifa and Proud Boys Clash in Portland

Members of the Proud Boys and Antifa clashed once again in Portland over the weekend following separate rallies. The Proud Boys gathered in the parking lot of a defunct K-Mart on Sunday for a rally called “Summer of Love: Patriots Spreading Love not Hate,” a small stage was set up and members of the club delivered speeches. Antifa and other leftist activists gathered downtown near the Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

After several hours of peaceful separate events, fighting broke out around 4 p.m. when left-wing agitators arrived at the Proud Boys gathering in Northeast Portland. Someone tried to drive into the parking lot where the event was taking place. KOIN reported that the driver crashed the van and then fled the scene. The situation quickly deteriorated after that, with counter-protesters setting off fireworks and other explosives.

Videos from on-the-scene journalists also show the usage of paintball guns, batons, and mace. In one video, Proud Boys are seen flipping over an alleged “Antifa van” after slashing the tires and smashing the windows. Proud Boys were also seen hitting someone dressed in all black, most likely Antifa, while another person dressed in all black shoots pepper spray at them. Street preachers and journalists were attacked by members of Antifa.

There was no police presence until just before 6 p.m. when a man reportedly opened fire downtown as Antifa members gathered in the area. The man, identified as Dennis Anderson, 65, of Gresham, was detained for allegedly shooting a gun near Southwest 2nd Avenue and Southwest Yamhill Street. However, authorities have not confirmed if the shooting was directly related to the clashes earlier in the day.

Before the dueling rallies, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said the police would take a “hands-off approach” stating, “people should not expect police standing in the middle of the crowd keeping people apart. People need to keep themselves apart.” He went on to emphasize that no permits had been issued for either rally.

Following news of the violence, Wheeler stated to KOIN, “The violence at the NE 122nd location at this point appears to have dissipated but we are continuing to monitor the situation throughout the rest of the day and evening.  [Portland Police Bureau] has been monitoring both events throughout the day and will make arrests when the probable cause of a crime is established.” Portland Police issued a statement explaining that “people were lighting fireworks and dispersing chemical spray, as well as firing what appeared to be paintball and/or airsoft guns. Some property destruction was observed.”

The weekend’s violent clashes come shortly after Antifa attacked a prayer group in the city, in which fireworks were lobbed at children, the group’s sound equipment was thrown in the river, and people were pepper-sprayed.


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