WATCH: Driver Stopped by Police Launches into INSANE Tirade, and Refuses to Comply

WARNING: Some Language and Images in this article may not be suitable for all audiences


No one likes to be stopped by the police for a traffic infraction, and when ticketed, it’ll ruin your day. But some people take a police officer stopping them for a traffic violation to an entirely new level. Most drivers cooperate, and the unpleasant affair is over in mere minutes, with either a warning or a citation. This incident, as shown on police bodycam video, was not one of those. Johneisha Lewis did not appreciate being pulled over for speeding in a school zone.

According to the Houston Chronicle, police reported Lewis was driving “more than double the 20 mph limit” near Mary Burks Marek Elementary School. The police attempting to stop her aggravated the driver so much that she allegedly turned a simple infraction into several crimes, including refusing to stop, attempting to evade a police officer, and resisting arrest.

A Pearland motorcycle officer was monitoring traffic in a school zone when he recorded Lewis speeding. As she approached, he walked into the road and signaled her to pull over. She slowed but didn’t pull completely over and remained in the street. The first words we can hear Lewis shriek in the video/audio recording are, “Can you tell me what the f**k is going….”

The officer again tells Lewis to pull over. She refuses and yells, “Are you telling anyone else to pull over?” Then she drives off. The officer catches up to her, and she finally stops. She then unleashes an invective-laced, epic tirade that continues for the duration of the encounter. At one point, she asks the officer to shoot her.

In the video, Lewis refuses to put the car in park and would not remove her seatbelt. After much effort, officers broke out a portion of the front passenger’s window so they could open the door and make sure the car was in park and her seatbelt was unfastened.

Lewis refused all police instructions to get out of the car after telling her she was under arrest. She continued to resist arrest, and officers finally had to tase her multiple times. They eventually got her out of the car, onto the ground, and handcuffed her. They called for an ambulance to remove the taser darts and assess her general condition.

As often happens these days, even blatant refusals to cooperate with police conducting lawful police work are not the end of things. The Chronicle reported the stop is under investigation. In what appears a gross understatement, the Pearland Police Department (PPD) in a press release described “Lewis as ‘an irate driver….’”

Lewis was being held on a $26,000 bond in the Pearland jail for charges including speeding in a school zone, failure to display a driver’s license, resisting arrest, and evading arrest.


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