WATCH: Immigrants Seen Crossing Border During Arizona Governor’s Televised Demand for Federal Border Support

Just as a new Border Patrol chief was appointed, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey called upon the Biden administration for help along the southern border.

Arizona has seen a surge of immigrants since the Remain in Mexico policy was halted earlier in the year. Ducey has been calling for federal support ever since.

During a television interview on Tuesday, Ducey delivered his speech in front of an unfinished portion of the border wall. A group of immigrants can be seen crossing the border behind Ducey as he demands more federal help.

“Mr. President, do something, do anything,” Ducey demanded

The Biden administration finally reinstated the policy this week but is doing so piece by piece which Ducey blames for the sudden rise in illegal immigrants. More than 5,000 people crossed the Yuma border on Sunday, with another 1,500 crossing on Monday.

This is causing immigrants to hurry to the parts of the border where the policy is not yet active.

Ducey said, “We need the force of the federal government to secure the border. That’s their job. We’re asking the Biden administration to do it.”

In the meantime, the Governor is not holding his breath. He announced that the National Guard would assist in controlling the border in the Yuma region. They will be sending 24 Guard members, six vehicles, four all-terrain vehicles, and one light utility helicopter.

Ducey’s announcement was made the same day that Biden’s pick for Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection was finally confirmed. Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus was voted in on Tuesday by way of a 50-47 vote from the Senate.

Fox News had Brandon Tatum on to discuss the appointment. 

When asked if he supported Magnus’s nomination, Tatum replied, “No, I don’t support it at all.”

Tatum worked directly for the chief, saying that Magnus has been “in over his head” since his arrival at the Tucson Police Department. He claims Magnus destroyed morale and displayed a Black Lives Matter flag in his office.

“He’s incompetent; he can’t perform properly,” said Tatum. 

Magnus revealed himself as an activist in 2017 through an op-ed he wrote about sanctuary cities. “As the police chief here [in Tucson], I’m deeply troubled by the Trump administration’s campaign against ‘sanctuary cities’ which refuse to turn over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities.”

Tatum is convinced that Magnus won’t help the situation but instead promotes the Biden agenda of activism and pro-open border policies.

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