WATCH: Italian Protests Against Mandates as Citizens Call for a Nationwide Strike

Tens of thousands of Italians in Trieste, Milan, Rome, and other major cities took to the streets over the weekend to continue protesting the mandatory Green Pass that is set to go into effect on October 15.

Fighting for their fundamental human rights, protests are now daily occurrences in many Italian cities. Italians have been protesting weekly for months now, but their cries have thus far been ignored.

Despite the summer protests, Italy announced that workers in the public and private sector would be required to provide proof of vaccination or produce a negative covid test with 48 hours of reporting for work. Workers are responsible for paying for their own tests, which can cost 50 euros each and include lengthy wait times at clinics.

The Vatican also joined the tyranny, announcing within the last week that all outside visitors and employees must now be vaccinated to step on papal grounds.

Citizens will not stand by while their freedom and civil liberties are being trampled. So they’ve upped the ante and begun daily protests until their voices are heard.


Vaccinated Italians even burned their already acquired Green Passes over the summer in solidarity with those who’ve chosen not to vaccinate themselves. They realize that this is about medical freedom but control of the people, and they are unwilling to stand down.

Dockworkers, who are at the heart of the global supply chain alongside factory workers, power plants, and cargo ships, are reportedly joining forces with Italian trade unions to call for nationwide strikes if their concerns are not addressed.

According to the International Confederation of Labour (ICL), more than 900,000 Italian workers have lost their jobs over the recent months. They claim that the Italian government has taken advantage of workers during this time, laying employees off and placing unrealistic demands on the small amount of workers left.

ICL is calling upon all grassroots unions to come together for a nationwide 24-hour strike on October 18 in order to protest the corporations who are reducing their workforce and piling more onto already overworked employees.

Dockworkers have already shown their strength earlier this year when they refused to let an arms shipment headed for Israel dock, concerned more weapons would be loaded onto the vessel. In 2019, they also refused to load electricity generators onto a Saudi Arabian boat that was carrying weapons for their war against Yemen. Both efforts were successful.

Protests have also erupted in Sweden, with citizens taking over the railway station in Bern after their government also required vaccination to enter all public places.


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