WATCH: Rapping Sheriff is Back with More Arrests and a Rap Video

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Grady Judd, the Sheriff of Polk County in Florida, is back in the national spotlight after demonstrating that you can have fun while doing your job.

Sheriff Judd has gone viral yet again after he, along with some help, performed a new police-style rap song at a press conference a year ago that has resurfaced today after a ray of multiple successful sting operations.

Last week, Judd announced that 17 people had been charged and arrested in a six-day undercover investigation. According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, seventeen people from across central Florida have been charged after the undercover investigation “Operation Child Protector” revealed that suspects were using social media to target underage teenagers for sex.

Over a dozen arrests were made after suspects believed they were on their way to have sex, but they were communicating with undercover detectives from multiple Central Florida agencies. According to authorities, three Walt Disney employees, a registered nurse, and a married man visiting from California were among those arrested.

In July, during a press conference about a drug trafficking sting operation, Sheriff Grady Judd went viral after attempting to wear a large seized gold chain obtained in a drug bust and even spitting a few “bars” as a playful warning to anyone else committing similar crimes.

“Can y’all make a rap about this?” Judd said. “‘ We got ya gold, we put ya tail in the county jail.’ You can call it the ‘Bell Gang Blues’ rap song.”

Now, Sheriff Judd has gone viral after a reformed criminal, Cedric Wilson, joined forces with him on a rap music video titled “Ducking Grady.”

Wilson and his team created an original version of “Ducking Grady,” and Judd liked it, so they remixed it, and this time the sheriff stars in the video.

It’s called “Ducking Grady Pt.2,” and it’s a humorous parody about Polk County criminals fleeing Grady’s deputies.

Judd stated that he believes their collaboration will strengthen law enforcement’s relationship with the community.

And so far, it has!

“It’s much more important to serve the community as the community’s friend, and we’re the community’s friend,” Judd said.

Grady Judd has undoubtedly made a name for himself over the years, and his press conference antics have helped him gain even more popularity among younger generations.

Judd has lived in Polk County his entire life, having grown up in Lakeland. He has worked for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office since 1972 and was elected sheriff in 2004.

The sheriff has received numerous awards and professional recognitions, including the Sons of the American Revolution’s Good Citizenship Medal in 2015 and the School Safety Advocacy Council’s National Anti-Bullying Recognition Award in 2014. However, he is best known for his no-nonsense demeanor and memorable quotes during his infamous press conferences.

Sheriff Judd has demonstrated for years that any community can be transformed into a better place for people from all walks of life through hard work, accountability, and a dash of compassion.


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