WATCH: Representatives Want Blinken to Admit Afghanistan Withdrawal was Flawed

Chaotic, the word most likely used to describe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Biden Administration, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, failed to get our troops out without losing 13 US service members and left billions in American military equipment. Our reporting also shows they actively blocked transport rescuing Americans from Kabul.

Blinken and the Democrats were desperate to evade any questions directly linking them to their dereliction of duty. Any question Blinken couldn’t dodge was blamed on the Trump administration.

“We inherited a deadline. We did not inherit a plan,” Blinken said, insinuating that the Trump Administration wasn’t ready to pull out of Afghanistan.

A notion dispelled by Rep. Lee Zeldin, who forced Bliken to admit that not only did the Trump Administration have a scheduled plan for the withdrawal, but that Trump also had conditions placed on the withdrawal that included getting every American out of Afghanistan before the final military plan left.

Democrat Chairman Rep. Gregory Meeks gave Biden and Blinken a pass for their handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal that saw 13 US Service members die in a preventable attack.

Rep. Meeks said that “disentangling ourselves from the war in Afghanistan was never going to be easy.” Meeks claimed that the length of the war prevented “a smooth withdrawal from a messy, chaotic, 20-year war.”

Democrat New Jersey Representative Albio Sires, who Zoomed from his messy closet, used his time to conduct what felt like a workshop leading the witness. Like Rep. Meeks, Rep. Sires wanted to help Blinken through his testimony.

Rep. Sires, who sounded like he was reading straight from the State Department script, thanked Antony Blinken and the State Department, claiming that the agency had successfully rescued Americans.

To tee up the need for Americans to send $65 million in aid, on top of the already $300 million in yearly aid Afghanistan receives of American taxpayer money, Rep. Sires asks if it’s true that Afghanistan is running out of food.”

Blinken says that it’s essential for the US and other countries to continue humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan because climate change brought droughts to the region, limiting the food supply. We know that the Democrats’ plan is to transition from pandemic to climate change-related fear. Both men didn’t waste the opportunity.

Rep. Meeks said that Republicans “are masking their displeasure with criticism but fail to offer feasible alternatives.” This allowed Blinken to claim at one point during his testimony that “there’s no evidence that staying longer would have made the Afghan security forces or the Afghan government any more resilient or self-sustaining.”

Rep. Lee Zeldin agreed with Blinken that the Afghan army couldn’t hold off the Taliban but said Blinken was wrong to assert that give him or Joe Biden a pass for American lives and money lost in Afghanistan.

Although we have the transcripts of the leaked call from Biden practically begging the Afghan President to pretend his army was doing better than it was against the Taliban, Secretary of State Blinken claimed that the intelligence coming to the White House was that the military would hold.

Blinken said that no one from the military, intelligence, or government agency “anticipated that government or the security forces would collapse in eleven days.” Already frustrated by Blinken’s inability to take accountability for the Afghanistan disaster, Rep. Zeldin accused Blinken of giving answers inconsistent with his closed-door testimony.

“This was fatally flawed and poorly executed. We had the loss of US service members as a result. We should not have been operating off of an arbitrary [August 31] deadline,” Rep. Zeldin told Blinken.

“Instead,” Rep. Zeldin said. “We should have … told the Taliban that we are going to leave Afghanistan when we are done bringing every last American home.”

“The Administration should not have been lying and misleading the American public – like the White House Press Secretary standing out there to the Press and the American public and saying that Americans aren’t stranded when we all know that they are,” Rep. Zeldin said.

His rebuke of Blinken and the Biden Administration continued as he claimed that Biden’s incompetence put America’s safety at risk and “exposing a vulnerability that other countries” will use to hurt us.

He said just since Biden’s fatal withdrawal from Afghanistan, we have witnessed “North Korea testing long-range missiles; Iran [is] enhancing uranium enrichment.”

Rep. Zeldin said that terrorists like the Taliban and Hamas are “pressing forward” because the US “has an Administration that doesn’t know how to confront an adversary.” He said the consequences of their “incompetence” are “greatly unfortunate” and called on Sectary Blinken to resign.

Blinken ignored Zeldin’s calls to resign.


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