WATCH: Republicans Push Back on the Dictatorship of Vaccine Mandates

“Free speech. We know what the cancel culture mob has done to Americans’ right to speak freely. According to a survey, 60% [of the country] say that they are afraid to speak their mind because of what the cancel culture mob will do to them.” This was from the fiery opening statement by Rep. Jim Jordan at the recent House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Among other things, the House Judiciary was responsible for voting on Joe Biden’s $3 Trillion infrastructure bill that included amendments blocking Biden’s vaccine mandate. Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee stood their ground against Biden’s mandatory vaccine, and Democrats attacked our Constitutionally protected rights.

Rep. Jordan said he believes that it is the responsibility of the US Government to protect its citizens’ rights. He said that the Judiciary Committee should be the people’s most vigorous defender. Instead, Jerry Nadler and the Democrats are using it as a way to “attack American’s second amendment rights. They cheer on Big Tech when it censors conservatives and does nothing when we see assaults on our First Amendment.”

He then zeroed in on Biden’s recent announcement that employees who work in companies with over 100 employees would be required to get the Covid vaccine regardless of exemption.

“Last week, the President of the United States told us this at his press briefing, ‘If you are not willing to put a substance into your body, even if you have already had Covid and therefore have natural immunity, if you are not willing to put a substance into your body then you just might lose your job,’ ” said Rep. Jordan.

“The President of the United States said that.”

California Rep. Tom McClintock put forward an amendment to the budget during the reconciliation process to prohibit the Justice Department from discriminating against businesses receiving federal funds and deciding not to abide by Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Rep. McClintock said that Biden was wrong when he told Americans that their right to choose whether to be vaccinated or not had nothing to do with freedom. “This is very much a question of freedom and a question of an authoritarian government that is aggressively, unconstitutionally, and now belligerently asserting control over every facet of Americans’ lives, including what medical procedures they must undergo.”

He called the Covid vaccine “a miracle of American research and development.” He stated that every American now knows the risks and benefits associated with the vaccine and has had ample opportunity to get it if they so choose.

Referring to Biden as “Big Brother Biden,” Rep. McClintock asks what stops the federal government from mandating the Tetanus or Flu vaccination to be qualified to join polite society.

“The President warns that his patience is wearing thin, Well Mr. Biden, our patience as Americans [are] wearing thin. We are tired of being bullied by autocrats, zealots, and petty tyrants who’ve robbed our children of their educations and robbed millions of Americans of their livelihoods,” Rep. McClintock said.

McClintock said that Biden and his vaccine mandate ignored the science that mandating lockdowns, masks, and vaccines does not slow the spread or prevent deaths from Covid. He said, “I am more than happy to listen to my government’s advice on how to live my life, but I will be damned if I take its orders.”

He said someone’s vaccination status should stay private because if the vaccine works, the unvaccinated only pose a risk for themselves.

Texas Rep. Chip Roy, from his property in Texas, spoke about his father’s experience with the post-polio syndrome, which affects those previously infected with polio. He said that his entire family has the polio vaccine but that the decision came after the vaccine was studied for years before determining it was safe.

He said Biden’s vaccine mandate ignores that the Constitution left the power to local governments to decide. “So that the people most close to their government can make a decision on something so invasive as a shot,” Rep. Chip Roy said.

“We are talking about the foundations of our country, y’all,” said Rep. Roy. “We have nothing left if we are not able to make decisions for our loved ones for our families and ourselves without the power of the government stepping in from Washington DC to tell us what we will do about our loved ones.”

Rep. Roy said that this move by Biden is unlawful, and he “doesn’t need Article Three of the Judiciary Branch to tell me yay or nay on that question.” He said on vaccine mandates, “The fact of the matter is the President of the United States does not have this power.”

He called on Texans and even the Governor of Texas to refuse to abide by Biden’s mandate. “Do not follow this Executive Order. Do not fear the power of the federal government. Stand up alongside your neighbors, your community, your friends and say, ‘no.’ ”


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