WATCH: Tyson Food’s Workers Stage Walk Out Over Mandatory Vaccines

Tyson food is attempting to force its workers into getting the Covid vaccine by mandating the shot to continue being employed. At the Newbern, Tennessee, Tyson Foods plant workers have started to protest.

CBS 12 reported that Wednesday workers were seen lined up outside the factory to protest the mandatory vaccine order that goes into effect now. The declaration wants to see every Tyson Foods work vaccinated against Covid by November 1.

The report stated, “these employees say they’re risking their jobs to fight against the company’s recent decision to require a Covid-19 vaccine for all of their employees.”

CBS claimed that the workers wanted to stay anonymous, fearing legal retribution if they went public with their views. Tyson Foods reportedly released a statement regarding the team members protesting against Tyson’s vaccine policy.

Tyson Foods statement:

“The views of our team members matter to us. The head of our COVID response team as well as HR are currently on the ground, listening to concerns and answering any questions team members may have regarding available vaccines.”

The Tennessee Conservative reported the presence of community leaders who also joined the employee protest. State Representative Rusty Grills said that he is “100% for vaccines for the health of the community”; however, that’s where he draws the line. He said, “I don’t think anyone should be forced to take something in their body against their will.”

A local business owner, Jill Blessing, spoke to the crowd explaining that she joined their cause because she wanted to fight against medical tyranny. She said, “America stands for freedom and freedom of choice of all different kinds of things, including vaccines. I don’t care if everybody wants it. If I don’t want it, I don’t want to be forced.”

Tennessee, like Oklahoma, wrote bills that prevented the government from mandating vaccines but left the state’s residents open to mandates from private businesses. State government employees have their right to medical freedom protected, but everyday citizens will have to choose whether to get vaccinated or lose their livelihood.


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