WATCH: US Rep. Byron Donalds Blasts Democrat Committee Chair Over Climate “Disinformation”

YouTube/Congressman Byron Donalds

While Joe Biden’s “entourage” stomped giant carbon footprints in Italy and then in Scotland, NY Rep. Carolyn Mahoney (D), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight Reform, had a hearing on Thursday about climate disinformation.

The definition of “disinformation” seems to be information Democrats disagree with.

US Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) posted a YouTube video in which he blasts the “Twittersphere” and eviscerates Rep. Maloney.

Witnesses that were grilled endlessly during the hearing were energy industry executives, including Exxon, Chevron, BP, and Shell.

Following the Democrats’ acerbic inquisition, Rep. Donalds slammed the overestimated influence of Twitter in criticizing the energy industry over “misinformation” about the “climate crisis.” Twitter is full of people with “nothing better to do than type on their keyboards,” he told those gathered.

 “You need an apology because what I witnessed today was just rank intimidation by the chair of this committee. Trying to get you to pledge what you’re going to spend your money on is a gross violation of the First Amendment.”

The Florida representative believes that just because they are in Congress, have microphones, and pass laws does not give them the authority to infringe on the right to choose how these companies spend their money.

He continued, “This is not about defending ‘big oil.’ It’s about defending the ability of people in our country to be free. And if we’re not going to be any better than the Chinese, how do we ever expect to beat them on the world stage?”

He even refers to the experience as a circus and mentions that AG Garland may want to investigate the intimidation the executives were subject to.

Donalds said we’re cutting production while the Chinese are burning more coal and oil, increasing emissions, and “they’re not showing up in Scotland.” Instead, the Chinese are busy building an economy, military and not worrying about climate change.

“And [this is happening] while we… mess around intimidating you guys who, frankly, heat our homes… cool our fridges… keep our cars going. This is insane,” Rep. Donalds said.

The Sunshine State Rep. requested Chair Maloney enter a letter from the committee’s ranking members into the record. He said the letter asks the Chair to “stop intimidating companies” by infringing on their “First Amendment rights.” She gaveled it into the record.

Donalds asked Petroleum Institute’s Mike Summers a question, but, first, Summers wanted the committee to know different views about electric cars are not “climate disinformation.”

Then, Summers returned to Donalds’ question about what provides most of the energy for electric vehicles. He explains that most of it comes from “natural gas that has replaced coal as the primary source of energy in this country.”

The US no longer has natural gas, and the Democrats don’t like coal. Donalds noted rhetorically, “so where will we get the energy to power all these electric cars?”

Donalds declared if you follow “the idiocy” that’s in the “bipartisan infrastructure agreement… we’re actually not going to have lower emissions. We’re going to have higher [emissions] because you’re going to have to switch back to coal-fired plants.”

And instead of the US, the world will have to get its energy from Russia or China, which is less safely or cleanly produced.

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