Welcome to Joe Biden’s New Slavery in America

A Goliad County (TX) Sheriff Roy Boyd is telling it like it is. Though the Biden regime likely doesn’t want you to hear about it. Boyd said, “‘Once they [illegal immigrants] get to Houston, where they think they’re going to be shipped out to their families, they’re not.’ They’re forced to pay $5K – $10K more ‘to work that debt off.’”

This new American slavery is the ugly reality The Epoch Times’ Charlotte Cuthbertson confronts on Biden’s open southern border.

After charging thousands of dollars, cartels force these slaves to work in hospitality, landscaping, drug trafficking, and prostitution. One female attempted to smuggle three girls into “sex slavery” in Houston’s Chinatown. The children thought they were going to family.

Laz Ayala, The Hill, agrees with the Times’ slavery take. In Aug. 2020, she wrote, “Let’s cut to the chase and call undocumented immigration what it is: modern-day slavery.”

In 2014, according to the Times, during President Obama’s admin, the government placed children with traffickers. Reportedly, “[Eight] children worked [at an Ohio egg farm] for no pay for 12 hours a day, six to seven days a week, and lived in deplorable conditions. The traffickers threatened them and their families with violence if the children did not comply….”

The sheriff said, “There are a lot more slaves than people realize. It’s going on within our own sight, but we don’t recognize it, because it doesn’t look like what the History Channel tells us slavery looks like.”

Boyd added, “And slavery is perpetuated, continued, and expands at a constant rate. That’s what we’re seeing.”

Yet, according to disgraced AG Merrick Garland, the DOJ believes “white supremacy” (upset parents at school board meetings) “is America’s greatest domestic terrorist threat.”

In Mexico, cartels tag illegal immigrants for distribution as slaves throughout the U.S. The slaves pay for their bondage according to their home nations with Asians and Africans paying the most.

Former ICE Director Tom Homan says there have been some 800,000 “known gotaways.” The Times said the “gotaways” are also indentured to the cartels, essentially laboring as slaves for 8-13 years, to “pay off” their original debt plus the $5K to $10K the cartels often add.

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