While Americans Got Poorer During Lockdown, Fauci Got Richer

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Americans and the U.S. economy suffered greatly under CCP virus lockdowns, but one of the Biden regime’s most vocal tyrants apparently benefitted. According to John Solomon’s Just the News, “Anthony Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, saw his net worth soar during the pandemic even as the U.S. was rocked by repeated economic disruptions stemming from the lockdown policies for which he vigorously advocated.”

Known for being the nation’s highest-paid federal government employee, as director of NIAID since 1984, he earned $450,000 in 2021. Fauci has raked in “an additional $5 million in personal wealth from 2019 through 2021….” This information was reported on Substack by Open the Books, a government watchdog group.

In 2019, according to Open the Books, Fauci’s net worth was $7.6 million. By the end of 2021, his bank account had ballooned to $12.6 million. One revenue stream was from non-profits from around the world which gave him “nearly $1 million in prizes….” And $910,174 was from stock, bond, and money market gains “in 2021 alone.”

Americans don’t begrudge people for earning a paycheck or doing well in the stock market. However, they will hold a grudge against someone who benefits while keeping them from doing the same.

Fauci was one of the most strident, though hypocritical, supporters of the tyrannical lockdowns and mask and vax mandates.

“The Science” recently announced his retirement which is scheduled for January 2025. A date that cannot come soon enough for America.

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