While Americans Struggle To Afford Thanksgiving Biden Spends It With Billionaires

Joe and Jill Biden announced they would be spending Thanksgiving away from the White House this year. The White House announced the Bidens accepted Billionaire former Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein’s invitation to spend Thanksgiving at his $20 million Nantucket compound.

Rubenstein is reported worth $4.6 billion and stays on the Nantucket estate, which sprawls 13 acres and stands in stark contrast to millions of Americans who are struggling to afford a basic Thanksgiving meal. The NY Post reported that the Bidens left DC on Tuesday to attend Rubenstein’s Thanksgiving.

Walter Shaub, the former director of the US Office of Government Ethics, said there is a serious issue if the Bidens planned to stay with Rubenstein for free. Tagging the White House and the official POTUS account on Twitter, Shaub reminded the Biden Administration that they “will have to pay fair market value for the stay on Nantucket or disclose the gift of free lodging in his annual disclosure in May 2022.”

Shaub said he suspects the White House is “all over” the compliance rules and that he is “just reminding not to let it slip through the crack.” According to Shaub, the only way the Bidens are in compliance with OGE’s rules without paying for the trip is if the head of the Carlyle Group is staying there with the Bidens.

Alex Bruesewitz, CEO of XStrategies, a company claiming to help “promote, advocate, and help elect America First leaders,” said it was shocking to see the Biden family be so obtuse about the struggling American family.

“While you’re paying more than ever before for a tank of gas and your Thanksgiving meal, remember that Joe Biden, the man solely responsible for the inflation crisis, is celebrating in Nantucket at a billionaire’s house,” tweeted Bruesewitz.

Texas News Today reported that “Hunter, baby Beau and a gaggle of grandkids join Joe and Jill Biden for Thanksgiving in Nantucket.” The report highlights White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s defense of the Bidens’ billionaire Thanksgiving, saying this is a time to “put politics aside” and that the food prices in Nantucket were only up to about “$1 more for a 20-pound bird.”

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