Whistleblower Claims Facebook Spied and Tracked Uyghurs for the CCP

Sen. Marsha Blackburn was on Fox Business Host Maria Bartiromo’s show to talk more about the bombshell allegations against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg by a highly influential whistleblower.

Maria Bartiromo highlighted a report by the Wall Street Journal where most of the information came from the Facebook whistleblower. According to the report, despite studies showing Instagram is highly toxic for teens, over 40% of its users are under 22 years old, with over 22 million teens using the app every day.

Sen. Blackburn said her office has been working closely with the Whistleblower to get the information needed to bring an investigation into Facebook for practices that could be illegal.

“The Whistleblower had an interesting take,” remarked Sen. Blackburn. The Big Tech insider told Sen. Blackburn they believe “there is a lack of governance at Facebook.”

The inside information shows that the Facebook CEO has created a safe space for himself at the Silicon Valley giant. “It seems like Mark Zuckerberg is surrounded by ‘yes men’ and if you don’t follow the company line and support him and say ‘yes’ then you are out,” claimed Blackburn.

Sen. Blackburn said even more disturbing, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, both owned by Facebook Inc., operate in connection with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to track the Muslim Uyghur population.

Campaign for Uyghurs founder Rushan Abbas tweeted, “Addressing atrocity crimes, and stopping the #UyghurGenocide in particular, requires fortitude. It requires a willingness to reject moral and cultural relativism. What we are dealing with at present is evil, and stopping it is a priority for all mankind.”

The CCP stands accused of committing genocide against the Uyghurs, and although international attention has been brought to the issue, nothing of substance has been done to stop it.

“In China, WhatsApp and Messenger are embedding malware and following and tracking Uyghurs. The Uyghurs are being used for slave labor and forced to manufacture these products for Apple, NBA licensed products, NIKE, and other companies there in Xinjiang,” said Sen. Blackburn

She said Facebook is “embedding that malware and targeting these Uighurs so that [the Chinese Communist Party] can follow them.”

Biden did not mention holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable for the Uyghur genocide or the pandemic in his opening speech at the UN.


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