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White House Downplays Pipeline Hack as "A Private Sector Problem"

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Marmee Rooke

Even though Biden himself stated the attack on America’s gas pipeline was an “a criminal act,” his administration made it clear yesterday that the ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline is a “private sector” issue. Biden’s Deputy National Security adviser for cyber and emerging technologies told the press yesterday, “typically, that is a private-sector decision, and the administration has not offered further advice at this time.”

Press Secretary Jen Psaki commented that the White House doesn’t see this as a “supply issue.”

However, Americans at the pump claim a different story as gas prices rise and “empty” signs are placed outside gas stations along the East Coast extending down to Texas. Some reports claim the gas is at its highest price in seven years. The higher the gas, the higher the costs for every item we consume.

Colonial Pipeline is still working to bring its operations back online. However, gas stations are already putting “empty” signs on their pumps as the pipeline stays dry and demand increases due to businesses reopening. Service is slowly being restored, but experts warn not soon enough to stop the inevitable empty grocery shelves.

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“On the national security part, we ought to pass a law immediately that makes this kind of hacking subject to a death penalty,” Newt Gingrich told Fox News. In addition, he said, “the law should include a provision that the president, through a judicial process, should be able to order the killings of anybody overseas who is doing this.”

Gingrich continued, “It’s an act of war against the United States to do stuff like this.”

“We need to react to it as an act of war,” he said. Newt Gingrich cautioned our do-nothing elected officials, saying the “American people are going to look at their Representatives and their Senators and say, ‘If you don’t fix this, your successor will. I won’t put up with it, and I won’t put up with you if you don’t fix it’.”

“We have no idea who they are. We have no idea where they are,” Gingrich said. “If we did know who they were, we would have no mechanism to do anything about it.” “A great country can’t allow people to savage it and have no consequences and wait for the next attack. And yet that literally is where we are,” he added.

The FBI confirmed that DarkSide – a ransomware hacking group – is responsible for the attack on our nation’s pipeline. The Russian group claimed to be “apolitical” in a statement apologizing for the hack. DarkSide said, “We do not participate in geopolitics. Our goal is to make money and not creating problems for society.”

The group promised to avoid hacks that create disasters like the significant supply chain issue. “From today, we introduce moderation and check each company that our partners want to encrypt to avoid social consequences in the future,” said the group.

Democrat Representative from Arizona Ruben Gallego said, “The Russian government cannot give refuge to these cyber terrorists without repercussions.”

In four months, America has gone from energy independence to empty pumps. But thank goodness the mean tweets and that pesky Keystone Pipeline XL are gone. Now we can be safe from hearing “locker room talk” while we all pick from the same three items left on the grocery shelves this week.

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