White House Released Cartoon Depicting Dystopian Plan For The Fed Govt’s New Role In The Family

The White House released a new graphic series depicting the federal government’s role in the family life of a single American mother. Biden plans to have what Charlie Spiering calls a “cradle-to-grave” role in the life of every American.

“Linda is a working mother in Peoria, Illinois. She works at a local manufacturing facility as a production worker and earns $40,000 per year. She is pregnant with her son, Leo.”

“Once Leo is born, Linda begins receiving Child Tax Credits of $300 per month ($3600 annually) to help cover essential costs like groceries, rent, and medicine.”

“As Leo grows up, the government helps cover the costs for his day care, guaranteeing that Linda doesn’t need to pay more than 7 percent of her income on child care.”

The first three graphics show Biden sees the federal government as the only substitute for having a strong male figure in the home. Instead of a father, Leo has the federal government. Each slide shows how Biden’s Build Back Better plan will lift Linda and her son Leo out of poverty.

However, as we saw from Lyndon B Johnson’s Great Society, the American form of socialist programs might improve the immediate needs of Americans living in poverty. But, it does little – if anything – to bring them out of poverty.

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