Whoopi Goldberg Mocks God, Suggests He Supports Abortion

On trend with the left’s ability to twist the truth and use moral argument to justify sin, talk show host Whoopi Goldberg quoted scripture in her argument for abortion when discussing the topic on The View last week.

The longtime television personality, while in a debate with former co-host and professed Christian Elizabeth Hasselback, argued that abortion is acceptable because God has given people free will.

“And as you know, God doesn’t make mistakes. God made us smart enough to know when it wasn’t going to work for us,” Goldberg said. “That’s the, that’s the beauty of giving us freedom of choice.”

She must have forgotten about “thou shall not kill”…

The ten commandments, some of the most basic fundamentals of the Christian faith, are clear. But typical of leftism, Whoopi cherry picks certain verses to fit her beliefs while disregarding the book in its entirety.

Hasselback pushed back, stating “our Creator assigns value to life and.. those lives have plan and purpose over them as designed by God that are not limited to the circumstances of conception, nor the situations they’re born into.”

“But I also know God said,” Whoopi continued, “‘Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you,’ I will not make that decision for anybody.”

To echo Goldberg’s argument, co-hosts Joy Behar and Sara Haines argued that adoption is not the solution due to the fact that 117,000 children are currently waiting to be adopted, thus, being failed by the social system.

“Because it’s left to the government,” Hasselback interjected, quick to clarify, “if we [instead] rely on non-profits that are actually doing the good work, they’re out there, I promise..”

This is the left.

The same left who claim Catholic faith, yet support abortion and same sex marriage. The same left who call themselves Christians, yet practice blatant disregard for God’s Word and how it directs true believers to live their lives.

This is not Christianity, it is fraud.

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