There Will Be More Destruction Before This Conflict Ends

Marmee Rooke

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) continues to defend its country as violence grows in the Gaza Strip. The IDF announced yesterday that it was time to send ground troops into Gaza to root out Hamas terrorists hiding among Palestinian civilians using them as shields.

After Hamas fired nearly 2000 rockets this week, officials told Israelis to stay in their safe rooms until further notice.

The IDF tweeted yesterday afternoon: “IDF air and ground troops are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip.” The IDF, highlighting the tweet’s effectiveness, announced that many Hamas terrorists were killed in a tunnel. The tweet forced the terrorist into hiding, where the IDF used intel to take them out. Thus, the terrorists effectively separated themselves from their human shield.

“The target: The Hamas ‘Metro’ tunnel system in Gaza. The operation: 160 aircraft, tanks, and artillery and infantry units along the border. We struck 150 targets and damaged many kilometers of the Hamas ‘Metro’ network.”

Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the world yesterday, saying, “I said that we would charge a very heavy price from Hamas. We do this, and we will continue to do so with great intensity. The last word was not said, and this operation will continue as long as necessary.”

The war rages on as just hours ago; the IDF announced, “Breaking: A short while ago, IDF tanks fired warning shots toward a number of rioters who crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory. The suspects sabotaged the fence and set a fire in the area before returning to Lebanese territory.”

The Israeli Defense Force complained that Twitter warned their official account of repeatedly sending the same repetitive message, “Sirens sounding in the city of Beersheba.” The military account said, “We tried to tweet about sirens sounding in Beersheba, but Twitter wouldn’t let us. We know it’s repetitive- but that’s the reality for Israelis all over the country.”

Now just in the past hour, three rockets were reportedly fired from Syria toward Isreal. The IDF said one of the three rockets fell in Syria. Israel’s military also took credit for stopping “another” Hamas attack.

“Our aircraft and Maglan unit struck and neutralized an Anti-Tank Missile squad, two Anti-Tank Missile launch sites, and a surface-to-surface rocket launch site belonging to Hamas in Gaza,” it said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about the crisis in Lod. He said, “What is happening in the cities of Israel is a very serious thing, groups of rioters come out of the Arab public and harm Jews wherever there are Jews.”

PM Netanyahu promised to “use all [their] power” to find the terrorists. He said, “We will do whatever it takes to restore calm. He also shared pictures of the General Security Service’s operations.

“In the Knesset, the special operations of the General Security Service, from which a series of targeted assassinations of senior members of the terrorist organization Hamas were conducted. Salute the Shin Bet!”

There will be more destruction before this conflict ends. After Hamas took over the Gaza strip in 2006, the 140-mile strip, Palestinians live in impoverished conditions. The terrorists living in the Gaza Strip prey on Palestinian pain to drive the wedge between Arabs and Israelis.

The Iron Dome has been successful at keeping 90% of the rockets from hitting cities in Israel. However, some rockets making it throughout the country’s umbrella of protection forced the country to close its doors.

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