Will History Record Elon Musk as Free Speech’s Divine Intervention?

American history has stories of divine intervention occurring at the perfect moment. Whether these events are truly divine intervention or simply good fortune, uncanny circumstances have arisen against all odds to preserve our American experiment in limited government and individual liberty—including free speech.

If Elon Musk manages, as The Epoch Times reports, to buy Twitter, and then “actualize the company’s ‘extraordinary potential’ to become a true platform for free speech,” many supporters of traditional American values may look at this “rescue” as divine intervention.

This usurping of a woke tyranny could also bring to mind an old adage, attributed to a Yiddish proverb: “Man plans, and God laughs.” Or, in this case, the Left plans, and God laughs.

Recently, Musk has been playing a game of corporate chess with Twitter. Hopefully, he’s got more, and more powerful, pieces on the board than Twitter. Musk “has made an offer to buy ‘100 percent of Twitter’ for around $43 billion [$54.20 per share], according to regulatory filing….”

Musk’s offer could have even the wokest investors and board members finding it difficult to decline. And, as we learned with Musk’s rejecting a board seat after his almost 10 percent stock purchase, board members have a fiduciary responsibility to safeguard shareholders’ profits.

It seems there are all kinds of scheming afoot, including tech giants who already have a virtual leftist monopoly, joining forces to quash the deal. There’s also the SEC, under Biden, run by people who reportedly hate Musk’s libertarian streak.

Will Musk be successful? Bloomberg doesn’t think so. But it would be nice. After years of Big Tech/social media bullying and censoring conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans, it’s encouraging to see some powerful pushback. Especially by a person with such wealth who is in a position to do what all liberty-lovers would like to do.

Still, Musk saying he’ll take Twitter private has the left flip-flopping again. Leftists used “private ownership” to defend Big Tech/social media’s collusion with leftist government, censorship, and abridging free speech in the “digital town square.” Now, the same leftists are disparaging “private ownership” because this private owner believes in free speech.


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