Wisconsin Lawmakers Fight to Ban Zuckerbucks Despite Gov. Evers Election Integrity Veto

Volumes will be written about examples of the abundantly reported election/voter fraud connected to the 2020 elections. In fact, a movie has already been made, and books have been written. Since the 2020 debacle, election integrity advocates have taken action to prevent a similar occurrence in 2022 and 2024. 

According to the Daily Signal, “Two dozen states banned the use of private money to finance election operations in response to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s pouring part of his $400 million fortune into the 2020 election process.”

Unfortunately, one of the biggest sneers at election integrity in the nation, Wisconsin, is not one of those states. Voter integrity watchers are now concerned about Milwaukee Votes 2022, an effort to get voters to the polls—Democrat voters.

The effort reportedly includes a “political communications company known as GPS Impact, a Democrat-aligned organization.” It appears the Democrats no longer cloak their insurrection. With immunity from much of the criminal justice system, it seems worth the risk to blatantly choose unethical, perhaps even illegal, methods to win elections.

Fortunately, some Wisconsin lawmakers are asking questions. Republican Rep. Janel Brandtjen commented, “This is Zuckerbucks 2.0.” Brandtjen is the chair of the Wisconsin State Assembly Campaign and Elections Committee.

Though Wisconsin Republicans are not blaming Zuckerberg for this go-round, they use the term generically to describe “private money that pays for local or state election operations.”

How did Gov. Tony Evers handle the election integrity concerns? By doing what so many Democrats do when faced with an opportunity to enhance election integrity. He “vetoed a measure to ban private dollars and private actors from infiltrating election administration offices in the Badger State.”

In Wisconsin, Republicans fight for election integrity while Democrat Gov. Evers vetoes it.




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