With Conservative Caucus Support Republicans File Antitrust Discharge Petition To Control Big Tech

In May 2021, Republican Representative Ken Buck (CO) filed H.R. 3460 (State Antitrust Enforcement Venue Act of 2021), assuring that States’ attorneys general have the freedom to bring civil actions against Big Tech without the fear of having their case consolidated with other States’ cases only to be brought before a sympathetic Northern California judge to be thrown out.

On Monday, January 10, Rep. Buck announced it was time for the House to bring this bill out of Committee and force a vote on H.R. 3460.

Rep. Buck’s statement:

“It’s make or break time for Congress to push back against Big Tech.  If we can’t get this bill over the finish line into law in six months, it will be years before we see meaningful legislative action on Big Tech.  Step one is taking away these monopolies’ home court advantage by ensuring that antitrust cases filed by states aren’t all heard in Big Tech’s backyard, the Northern District of California.  My discharge petition will force action, but only if we can get enough Republican support.”

Americans recently saw the anniversary of Big Tech colluding to deplatform and censor the sitting President of the United States. In the year since Big Tech assumed censorship authority over elected officials, several prominent Conservatives have also been deplatformed in what always seems like a coordinated attach to censor talking points that hurt the left’s narrative.

The State Antitrust Enforcement Venue Act (H.R. 3460) passed the House Judiciary Committee (34-7) and the Senate Judiciary Committee (unanimously). Buck’s statement called the bill “a bipartisan conservative solution to a significant problem.”

Many prominent Conservatives have signed onto the bill urging all Republicans to back the antitrust discharge petition. In fact, the most Conservative House Caucus, the House Freedom Caucus, sent out a statement calling this a “key first step” in reigning in Big Tech.

House Freedom Caucus:

“The Freedom Caucus supports this measure to ensure that Big Tech doesn’t get home court advantage for antitrust cases filed by state attorneys general. Republican members should sign this discharge petition to force action on the underlying bill, which represents a key first step in the fight against Big Tech censorship.”

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  1. Doesn’t the fact that these tech companies are abandoning California in droves for red states like Texas, Florida and Tennessee doesn’t that eliminate the blockade of corrupt California judges providing them cover from prosecution?

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