Marianne Williamson Claims the DNC is Rigging the Primaries for Biden

Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has accused the Democratic National Committee (DNC) of “rigging” the primary system to favor President Biden. In an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” Williamson stated that the DNC was not covert about swaying the primary season and holding the first primary in South Carolina instead of New Hampshire was designed to help Biden.

The New York Post reports Williamson believes voters in a democracy should be able to decide who leads them, not party heads. Williamson announced on her website that she is running for the Democratic nomination and is taking on Biden because she believes the American people should be offered an opportunity for “fundamental economic reform.” 

When asked about The Associated Press calling her presidential bid a “longshot,” Williamson replied, “So the system that is now saying that I’m unserious and I’m not credible or I’m a long shot is the very system that protects and maintains this idea that only those whose careers have been entrenched within the system that drove us into a ditch should possibly be considered qualified to lead us out of that ditch.” She added that her qualification is not that she knows how to perpetuate that system but knows how to disrupt it.

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