Bright Green Mercedes Slamming Into Multiple Cars Fleeing Police [VIDEO]

A bright green Mercedes Benz was recorded recklessly slamming into cars and driving on the sidewalk in New York City’s Bronx Borough.

The NYPD is searching for the driver that caused the chaos on Wednesday evening just after 5 pm on East Fordham Road and Marion Avenue. Police officers said they were trying to pull the driver over because his window tint was too dark and he was smoking marijuana.

In the video captured by onlookers, police can be seen attempting to stop the car with guns drawn. In an attempt to escape, the bright green car sideswiped several other vehicles and crashed into the driver’s side of a car in the intersection before hopping the curb and fleeing the scene on the sidewalk.

The car reportedly struck a total of seven vehicles, injuring 14 people. All reported injuries were minor. The car was later found abandoned on the corner of Hughes and Crescent Avenues. NYPD is still investigating the incident, and no arrests have been made.

Fordham Road in the Bronx is one of the borough’s busiest thruways. It carries the borough’s most popular bus line and second most popular in the entire city. Heavy traffic on Fordham Road causes buses driving on the route to travel approximately 2.5 miles per hour slower than the city average. The corridor is also a popular shopping district, home to approximately 300 stores, visited daily by an estimated 80,000 people before the pandemic.

According to Crashmapper, Fordham Road had a total of 4,866 crashes between July 2016 and July 2021, averaging nearly three wrecks per day. Reports say 1,726 people were injured, with four pedestrians and one motorist killed in that same period.

The incident comes as New York faces a sharp uptick in crime, most recently discovering a decomposed body in an abandoned building in the Bronx and a gang-related shooting that injured 10 people, including seven innocent bystanders in the city’s Queens Borough.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also recently announced vaccine requirements for indoor activities and a vaccine passport. It is unclear if the mayor has the authority to impose such rules. He has not yet commented on the reckless driving incident in the Bronx.


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