Gingrich: Facebook and Zuckerberg ‘Corruption’ Raises ‘Enormous Questions About the Legitimacy of the Biden Potential Presidency’ [AUDIO]

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was a guest on Sunday of New York WABC 770 AM radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” where he called into question the “legitimacy” of the Joe Biden presidency.

According to Gingrich, the 2020 presidential election “was the most corrupt election in modern times.”  He argued that efforts by Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg to “maximize Democratic turnout” in the election “raises enormous questions about the legitimacy of the Biden potential presidency” because it is “a direct violation” of the 2002 Help America Vote Act.

“I think the Democrats focused on the election where Republicans focused on the campaign. The Democrats didn’t care if Biden never campaigned. They were going to generate votes and turn out votes,” Gingrich told host John Catsimatidis. “And when you go around and look state by state, the results are fascinating, and I think they raise real questions about exactly what happened. I personally believe this was the most corrupt election in modern times.”

He continued, “Just take the one example of Zuckerberg and Facebook, they put in $400 million basically renting city governments and getting them to maximize turnouts and precincts that they couldn’t carry, which is a direct violation of the 2002 voting act by Congress, which says that you have to have a fair effort across the board. You can’t just select areas you’re going to try to maximize turn out in. So, I think just the $400 million that Zuckerberg put in to maximizing Democratic turnout, by itself, is a big enough corruption that it raises enormous questions about the legitimacy of the Biden potential presidency.”

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