America’s New Gun Owners: Not Who You Might Think

Woman at Gun Range

There are reports stalwart Democrat media source CNN is aiming to become more moderate. That might have some truth to it. Recently, CNN’s David Culver did a story titled “Liberal, female and minority: America’s new gun owners aren’t who you’d think.”

Culver delved deeper into the story than simply about non-traditional folks keeping and bearing arms. Brandi Joseph, a Southern California firearms dealer and instructor, said, “There is a huge uptick in female owners,” Joseph said. “Women are getting trained; women are carrying… liberal and conservative.”

Her point was made when a group of self-identified liberal-leaning black women arrived for their class. She described them as hesitant but interested in self-defense. One woman was clearly nervous about “all the guns on the table….” 

Some women expressed their initial fear of guns had been overcome by their fear of crime. Yessica Mendez said the way laws are enforced “don’t make me feel safe and… protected.” Mendez described herself as “a Mexican woman in a same-sex relationship….” She said she’s more comfortable discussing her same-sex relationship than guns with many friends.

As with liberals who go to conservative political events expecting “white supremacists” but finding kind, caring people, Mendez said the older, “mostly all men, mostly all white…,” looking at them made her feel as if they would say, “get out of here… you don’t belong here.” Ironically, her prejudice.

But the reaction was different.

“They’re like, ‘Hey, you’re doing well, but can I show you something that might help you more.”  

While white males still “have the highest rates of gun ownership… the first half of 2021… saw a surge in gun sales to African Americans.” Eighty percent of gun shop owners also reported Hispanics and Asians are buying guns in increasing numbers. 

A former police officer, gun shop owner said though the clientele is becoming more diverse, their reasons for buying firearms are not: “self-protection.”  


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